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Antonio Dubose and Manny Folly Win at Harrah’s Philadelphia Saturday
By Ken Hissner at ringside, Dog House Boxing (Sept 21, 2015)

Antonio Dubose
In another one of Kings Promotions two in two days this time at Harrah’s Philadelpia Casino in Chester, PA, Saturday night there were eleven bouts. It was an excellent card with one six and six four’s!

In the main event featherweight Antonio Dubose, 8-0-1 (2), of Philly won in a very exciting fight over Jesus Lule, 7-14-1 (1), of Ft Myers, FL, in a rematch of their previous draw over six rounds.

In the opening round Dubose landed good body shots. A left hook from Dubose dropped Lule. In the second round both fighters were landing vicious body shots. In the third round it was Lule landing more solid power punches. In the fourth round Dubose came back to edge out Lule. In the fifth it was Lule’s round and in the sixth round Dubose bounced back in one great fight on the part of both fighters.

Judge Lynn Carter had it 57-56, Alan Rubenstein 58-55 and Lindsay Page 59-54 while DHB had it 58-556. Referee was Shawn Clark.

Super bantamweight Manny “Razor Pain” Folly, 6-0 (4), of Philly, won a solid decision over featherweight Sergio Najera, 10-21-2 (4), of Tijuana, Mexico, over 4 rounds scoring a knockdown in the fourth.

In the opening round Folly came out firing with Najera returning punches of his own. Folly landed a double left hook to the chin of Najera. Folly looked sharp taking the first round. In the second round both boxers mixed it up good with Folly’s sharper punches gaining him the second round.

In the third round Folly landed punches to the midsection of Najera. In the fourth Folly landed a right uppercut to midsection of Najera dropping him. Both fighters finished up busy with Folly gaining the edge. It was another splendid performance by Folly against a very experienced fighter. Folly is handled by Buddy Osborn and a pleasure to watch.

All three judges and DHB had it 40-35. Referee was Hurley McCall.

Middleweight southpaw Nick “Quick” Valliere, 5-1 (2), of Forked River, NJ, was upset by the bigger Alshamar Johnson 1-1, of Vineland, NJ, by stoppage at 2:19 of the second round.

In the opening round there was no feeling out with both fighters landing well for the entire round. In the second round Johnson started teeing off on Valliere with little return. Johnson landed a flurry of punches dropping Valliere. Upon rising Valliere looked like he wanted no more from Johnson who continued the attack with Valliere caught in a corner turned his back in surrender. Referee McCall was late stopping it.

Super middleweight Christopher “Ice Cold” Brooker, 4-1 (4), of Philly, stopped Juan Fernando “Tremendo” Raya, 2-3 (1), of Santa Cruz, Bolivia, who failed to come out for the third round.

In the opening round the taller Brooker stormed out of his corner taking it to Raya, who against the ropes fought back with uppercuts of his own. Between rounds the ring physician took a look at Raya who took quite a few punches. In the second round it was more of the same with Raya taking too many punches. As he wobbled to his corner his corner informed referee Clark that Raya had enough.

Lightweight Carlos Rosario, 3-1 (1), of Pennsauken, NJ, stopped Corey Sloan, 2-8-2 (0), of Philly, at 2:28 of the third round of a scheduled 4. Both boxers were on the canvas in the first round and Sloan in the third.

In the opening round Sloan landed a long right to the chin of Rosario causing Rosario’s glove to touch the canvas for a knockdown call by referee McCall. Rosario came back with a right to the head of Sloan knocking him face down. He wobbled back to his corner until the referee finished counting to eight. In the second round both fighters continued slugging it out with Rosario a little more offensive.

In the third round both fighters threw right hands at the same time with Rosario’s right to the chin dropping Sloan. Rosario drove Sloan into and halfway through the ropes. There is no quit in Sloan but he got caught with a flurry of punches rocking by a Rosario flurry. Boxing Director Greg Sirb waved wildly to referee Mc Call to halt the fight. Sloan complained but his legs were shaky for several rounds.

Cruiserweight and late sub Lamont Capers, 5-7-2 (0), of Hawley, PA, and Dominic Walton, 0-0-1 (0), of Philly, ended in a lack luster four round draw.

In the opening round hardly a punch was thrown “feeling” each other out for three minutes. Only a right from Walton on the left shoulder of Capers was landed. In the second round like the first it was more of the same except Capers landed a grazing punch to the head of Walton. In the third round there was a little more action with Capers landing a couple more than Walton. The fourth and final round it was the best round of the fight with Capers gaining the edge. Judge Rubenstein had it 40-36 Walton, judge Carter 39-37 Capers and Page 38-38. DHB 39-37 Capers. Referee was Clark.

Featherweight Roberto Inzarry, 3-1-1 (0), of Cherry Hill, NJ, lost a close decision to Rafael Vasquez, 2-3 (0), of Bayamon, PR, over four rounds.

In the opening round the shorter Inzarry outworked Vasquez with left hooks to the body. In the second round a hard right by Inzarry to the head woke up Vasquez and he went after Inzarry. A left hook from Vasquez hurt Inzarry and put Inzarry on his bicycle.

In the third round Vasquez picked up where he left off chasing Inzarry who on occasions would stop and counter Vasquez. In the fourth round Vasquez continue to chase with Inzarry getting his punches in but not quite enough.

Judges had it 40-36 and 39-37 twice as did DHB. Referee was Clark. Middleweight Santario “Too Handsome” Martin, 1-1 (0), of Gainesville, FL, won a close fight over Fitzgerald “Nasty Boy” Johnson, 3-8 (0), of Newark, NJ, over four rounds scoring one knockdown.

In the opening bout in the first round Johnson countered Martin with body and head shots. In the second round Martin put Johnson against the ropes and knocked his head back with a right uppercut to the chin. Later in the round Martin landed three rights to the head of Johnson. Johnson landed a couple of hard left hooks to the rib cage of Martin.

In the third round Martin dropped Johnson with a right to the chin. Martin received a small cut outside the left eye brow from a flurry of punches by Martin. In the fourth and final round Martin turned southpaw for about 30 seconds without throwing a punch before switching back.

All three judges had it 38-37 as did DHB. Ryan Bivens of Philly and Daryl Bunting of Forked River, NJ, had their super middleweight bout cancelled but on the next Kings Promotion they will be on it per Ring Announcer Nino Del Buono.

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