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Julian “J-Rock” Williams and Moises Flores Win at Sands
By Ken Hissner at ringside, Dog House Boxing (Sept 23, 2015)

Julian “J Rock” Williams
In the main event WBC Continental Americas super welterweight champion Julian “J-Rock” Williams, 21-0-1 (13), of Philly made his third defense destroying Luciano Leonel “El Principito” Cuello, 35-4 (17), of Buenos Aires, ARG, at 1:33 of the first round in sensational style.

“I’m the strongest puncher in the division,” said Williams. He then went to the ropes and called out former champion Austin Trout!

In the opening round it was all Williams with a strong jab and rights to the head and body never giving Cuello a chance to throw one punch. A right to the head drove Cuello half way across the ring with Williams following up landing 10 unanswered rights to the head before referee Gary Rosato stepped in and stopped it.

WBA World super bantamweight interim champion Moises “Chucky” Flores, 24-0 (17), of Guadalajara, MEX, made his first title defense a successful one stopping No. 7 contender Luis Emanuel “La Ardilla” Cusolito, 21-2 (19), of Buenos Aires, ARG, at 0:57 of the twelfth and final round.

In the opening round Flores was the aggressor while Cusolito countered him coming in on occasions but not enough to override the busier Flores. In the second round Cusolito rocked Flores with a countering right to the head. It was a close round with Flores busier. In the third round Cusolito landed well countering Flores. In the fourth round Cusolito seemed to even the score in rounds.

In the fifth round Cusolito rocked Flores on several times in the early part of the round. In the sixth round Flores is driving Cusolito all over the ring. In the seventh through the ninth Flores was in control with Cusolito only fighting back in spurts. In the tenth round with both fighters noses bleeding Cusolito was in command. Near the end of the round Flores rocked Cusolito with a straight right to the head.

In the eleventh round both fighters landed left hooks to the head at the same time. Flores nose is bleeding again. Near the end of the round Flores is pouring it on and an obvious forearm from Flores got the corner of Cusolito upset. In the twelfth and final round Flores landed half a dozen punches without return driving Cusolito across the ring causing referee Esteves, Jr. to halt the bout.

DHB had it 107-102 for Flores after 11 rounds.

In between the main event and co-feature super middleweight CALEB “Sweet Hands” Plant, 10-0 (8), Nashville, TN, scored a knockdown and won an easy decision over Jamar “The Truth” Freeman, 13-5-2 (7), of New Haven, CT, over 8 rounds. With his vast amateur experience Plant has a bright future. In the first two rounds it was all Plant with Freeman on the receiving end. In the third round Plant trapped Freeman in the corner and landed a 3-punch combination. He followed up with a flurry of punches dropping Freeman for the 8 count by referee Rosato just prior to the bell. In the fourth round Plant came out strong but when him in a corner and was landing well at the bell.

In the fifth round it was all Plant stalking and landing rights after a solid jab. In the sixth round Freeman had his moments but Plant would overpower him as he did in finishing the round having Freeman holding on. In the seventh round Plant chased and landed almost at will. In the eighth and final round Plant completely controlled but couldn’t pull off the knockout like he had in 8 of his 9 previous fights.

Judges Mc Nair 79-72 while Weisfeld and Schreck had it 80-71 as did DHB. Referee was Rosato. “I want to thank God. Thank Al Haymon. I needed the rounds and was able to get it tonight. I’ve had quite a few knockouts. If they all fell in one round I would be fighting the wrong guys. God Bless,” said Plant.

Unbeaten middleweight Kyrone “Shut It Down” Davis, 9-0 (4), of Wilmington, DE, won by DQ at 1:41 of the sixth and final round over Gilbert Alex Sanchez, 6-7-1 (3), of Camden, NJ. The scheduled 8 round bout was cut to 6. From the opening round it was a rough fight by Sanchez from the beginning losing a point in the second. Davis had too many skills for him showing great combinations. By the sixth round referee Benjy Esteves, Jr. had enough and stopped it on DQ at 1:41 of the round. This is why Esteves, Jr. is one of the best and a no nonsense referee. Davis is a top prospect who was an excellent amateur.

Welterweight Samuel Omar Quinones, Jr., 9-4 (4), of York, PA, found himself on the canvas twice in the last round losing a majority decision to Dominican Ken Alvarez, 7-2-2 (3), over 6 rounds.

In the opening round Alvarez rocked Quinones with a right to the chin. Quinones came back hurting Alvarez with a left to the chin. In the second round it was a busy round for both with Quinones proving to be the stronger of the two but Alvarez was right in there with him. In the third round a left hook to the backpedaling Alvarez’s shoulder knocked him down. Referee Esteves, Jr. gave him the 8 count. Alvarez got up turning southpaw fighting back to the bell.

In the fourth round Alvarez went from southpaw to orthodox landing well over the ever coming forward Quinones. In the fifth round it was a close encounter with Quinones scoring more but Quinones the harder punches. In the sixth and final round Alvarez dropped Quinones with a combination causing a cut outside the left eye of Quinones. Just prior to the bell Alvarez dropped Quinones more from exhaustion taking a knee. Referee Esteves, Jr. administered a pair of 8 counts in the round.

Judge Bruni had it 56-56, Schreck 57-54 and McNair 58-53 DHB 56-55.

Cruiserweight Earl Newman, 7-0 (6), of Brooklyn, NY, stopped Cuban southpaw Ricardo “La Quina” Campilo, 8-2 (3), of Sonora, MEX, at 2:09 of the second round dropping him face first to the canvas. Referee Rosato called a halt after Campilo beat the count in no condition to continue.

In the opening round both fighters had their moments. The shorter Campilo was the stronger of the two with Newman punching down and receiving several warnings from referee Rosato. In the second round a right to the body from Newman followed by a sweeping left stretched Campilo face down. He managed to get to his feet but was in no condition to continue. Referee Rosato wisely called it a finish.

Super middleweight Caleb “Sweet Hands” Plant, 9-0 (8), of hland55 City, TN James Freeman, 13-4-2 (7), of Wilson, NC Featherweight Chris Colbert, 3-0 (2) of Brooklyn, NY, defeated Jose Carmona, 1-2 (0) of PR, over 4 rounds.

In the opening round both boxers are going to the body while Carmona is using his jab but southpaw Colbert seemed to hurt Carmona with left uppercuts to midsection. In the second round Colbert seems to be much busier as the body shots have slowed Carmona down. In the third round Colbert landed a nice right uppercut to the chin of Carmona. Working the body well hurting Carmona. In the fourth and final round Colbert continued to hurt Colbert with body shots. Carmona was swinging for the fences with overhand rights not connecting.

All 3 judges Weisfeld, Bruni and Schreck and DHB had it 40-36. Referee was Esteves, Jr.

Super welterweight Ricky Nuno, 2-1 (1), of Bethlehem, PA lost to Nicholas Hernandez, 2-1 (0), of Lebanon, PA, who scored a knockdown over 4 rounds. In the opening round Hernandez the southpaw boxed well putting an abrasion under the left eye of Nuno. Nuno came back well in the second round reddening the nose of Hernandez. In the third round Hernandez made Nuno take a knee. In the fourth and final round Hernandez got rocked only to come back and rock Nuno in a good solid last round by both fighters.

Judges Bruni 40-36 while both LaRosa and McNair had it 40-35 DHB 39-36. Referee was Rosado.

Light heavyweight southpaw Carlos Gongora, 3-0 (2), of Ecuador and Brooklyn, NY won a lopsided decision scoring two knockdowns in the sixth round defeating Nigerian Michael “Amazin” Gbenga, 20-23 (20) of Ghana. Congora had a very extensive amateur career.

In the opening round Gongora completely controlled using his southpaw stance to advantage but got rocked with about 20 seconds in the round by a Gbenga right. In the second and third rounds Gongora the taller of the two boxed well in a slow second and a third that had Gongora driving Gbenga halfway thru the ropes.

In the fourth round Gongora continued outboxing the veteran Gbenga. In the fifth round Gongora started to open up driving Gbenga back with a combination to the head. Gbenga had his best round. In the sixth and final round Gongora only in his third fight came out for the knockout dropping Gbenga with a straight left to the chin. Gbenga is trying to weather the storm holding. They both hit the canvas halfway thru the round. Later Gbenga pushed Gongora down. He knew how to eat up the clock until he got hit with a right hook to the head and went down. He signaled he got hit behind the head and it was close. Referee Rosato counted to 8 after the bell. Judges Weisfeld, La Rosa and Mc Nair along with DHB had it 59-53.

Lightweight Seifullah Jihad Wise, 2-1 (0), Philly lost to Ismael Serrano, 4-1 (1), of Bethlehem, PA, over 4 rounds.

In the opening bout Serrano was the aggressor while Wise countered with Serrano having a slight edge. The southpaw Wise well in the second round reddening the face of Serrano. In the third round Serrano had Wise against the ropes landing a lead right to the chin. Wise was a late sub and looking to hold in the round as Serrano was much busier. In the fourth and final round Serrano kept up his aggression as the fading Wise was moving backwards and tying Serrano up and doing very little. Referee Esteves took a point from Wise for holding.

Judge Weisfeld had it 39-37, Bruni 40-35 and Schreck 39-36 as did DHB.

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