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Garret “Ultimate Warrior” Wilson and Angel Ocasio Win in Philly
By Ken Hissner, Dog House Boxing (Oct 31, 2015)

Garrett “Ultimate Warrior” Wilson
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It was billed as “Mischief Mayhem” on the eve of Halloween with cruiserweight Garrett “Ultimate Warrior” Wilson, 16-9-1 (9), coming in at 210 while late replacement Pedro “El Toro” Martinez, 7-9 (3), came in at a career heavy 251 with both fighters from Philly. It was to be Hard Hitting Promotions state cruiserweight title bout with Wilson and Tony Ferrante until the latter was injured. Martinez stepped in on a week’s notice. Even though they are good friends they both fought their hearts out. Wilson took a hard fought 8 round decision in this main event.

There was no feeling out round as Wilson was looking to make a short night of it. After two rounds Wilson was ahead but the overweight Martinez wasn’t falling like he did in their first encounter. In the third round Wilson suffered a cut over his right eyebrow. “It was the first time Garrett has ever been cut,” said Rodney Rice his trainer.

In the fifth round Wilson came out charging and had Martinez against the ropes. He tied Wilson up wisely. In the sixth round Martinez pushed Wilson to the ropes causing Wilson to go wild scoring half a dozen punches being faster than he was in the first round. By the end of the round Martinez had a lump over his left eye.

In the seventh round Wilson started out strong but Martinez came back with a 3 punch combination. Being the heaviest of his career and on such short notice Martinez is doing his best to hang in there. In the eighth and final round Wilson was looking for a knockout but Martinez with the heart of a warrior did his best to discourage Wilson right to the bell. Shawn Clark was the referee.

Judge Alan Rubenstein had it 77-75 while judges John Gradowski and David Braslow scored it 78-74 while DHB had it 79-73

In the co-feature super lightweight Angel Luis Ocasio, 8-0-2 (2), of Philly returned to action after 34 months and won a hard fought six round decision over Bryne Green, 7-9-1 (3), of Vineland, NJ, who had been inactive for 13 months in the fight of the night!

In the opening round it looked like a main event fight with both showing their ring skills. In the second round again it was give and take. At one point Ocasio landed 5 punches without return but Green came back strong by the end of the round. In the third round Green landed a long lead right to the head of Ocasio. Ocasio came right back rocking Green. This was a battle of wills.

In the fourth round it was another good round for both with Ocasio finishing stronger. In the fifth Green used a good jab reddening the nose of Ocasio who mostly went to the body hurting Green. Ocasio drove Green into the ropes that saved him from going down causing referee Blair Talmadge to wisely call for a knockdown. In the sixth and final round Green came out knowing he needed a knockout backing Ocasio up probably taking his only round. Those in attendance had no idea Occasion had hurt his hand in a previous round.

“It was good to be back. He was a tough opponent but I hurt my right hand in the fourth and will get it checked out tonight. There were too many head butts in there,” said Ocasio. He had his right hand wrapped with ice in a towel.

Judge Gradowski scored it 60-53 while Rubenstein and Braslow had it 59-54 with DHB at 59-55.

Dominican lightweight Marcos Leonardo “El Tigre” Jimenez, 21-6 (14), of PR now out of Philly stopped Rafael “Dinamita” Reyes, 6-4 (5), of Reynosa, MEX, at 1:59 of the fifth by technical stoppage. It was to be the main event originally. Hard Hitting Promotions recently signed Jimenez to a contract. It was a very competitive first round with both fighters showing skills mostly working the body. In the second round a border line left hook by Jimenez dropped Reyes. Referee Clark ruled it a low blow and gave Reyes a 5 minute rest. The rest of the round it was mostly Jimenez and then after the bell Reyes “got even” with a right to the head.

In the third round Reyes landed a left hook as Jimenez landed a right. Jimenez does a good job going to the body of Reyes. In the fourth round both boxers landed well mostly to the body. In the fifth round a wicked left hook to the liver and down went Reyes and somehow beat the count of referee Clark. Jimenez got right on Reyes and dropped him again with left hook body shot. Though he got right up referee Clark had seen enough and waved it off.

Super featherweight Thomas “TJ” Velasquez, 2-0 (1), of Philly won a hard fought decision over Jose A. Carmona, 0-3 (0), of PR, with both hitting the canvas over 4 rounds.

In the opening round a Velasquez left hook dropped Carmona who was on the offense. Referee Talmadge counted to 9 before Carmona got up. Carmona held on the rest of the way. The second round was very sloppy with a lot of wild swinging and holding by Carmona. In the third round Carmona landed a wild right hand during an exchange dropping Velasquez. By the end of the round Velasquez’s head cleared and he was using his jab to get through the round. In the fourth and final round Velasquez seemed to have an edge using an affective jab.

Judge Gradowski scored it 39-36 while judges Braslow and Rubenstein along with DHB had it 38-36. Velasquez is out of DSA group of former world champion Danny “Swift” Garcia and his father/trainer Angel Garcia who both were in attendance. Velasquez had many fans backing him yelling “TJ, TJ” at different points in the fight.

Middleweight Hakim “Braveheart” Bryant, 5-0 (4), of Asbury Park, NJ, stopped Cuban southpaw Yoeglis Duverager, 0-3 (0), of Miami, FL, by technical stoppage at 2:19 of the third round.

In the opening round it was all Duverager. In the second round it was a complete turn around when Bryant dropped Duverager with a body shot taking the wind out of him. He beat the count at 9 by referee Clark and looked like he was gasping for air. Bryant was all over him dropping him with another body shot with the bell saving him. In the third round Bryant was giving Duverager a brutal beating until referee Clark finally called a halt after half a dozen head shots.

In the opening bout lightweight southpaw Seifullah Jihad Wise, 3-1 (1), of Philly scored a technical stoppage over Wilfredo “Blade” Ceballos, 0-3 (0), of E. Orange, NJ, at 2:49 of the first round. Things were even for half a round when Wise landed an overhand left dropping Ceballos. Wise went after him and dropped him again. He beat the count but was obviously finished forcing referee Talmadge to call a halt.

Promoter Will Ruiz and partner Manny Rivera it was announced by Alex Barbosa will return to the PA Sheet Metal Workers Union Hall December 4th. Both Jimenez and Ocasio are scheduled to be on that show. Ed Kunkle the assistant Boxing Director did his usual fine job making sure things went smoothly in the absence of Greg Sirb.

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