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Frank Santos De Alba Defeats Jesus Lule at 2300 Arena Friday
By Ken Hissner, Dog House Boxing (Nov 23, 2015)

Frank Santos De Alba
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Super featherweight Frank Santos De Alba stays unbeaten in his last 19 fights including 2 draws with the main event win over Jesus Lule at the 2300 Arena, in South Philly, Friday night. It was a Marshall Kauffman King Promotions of Reading, PA, before a packed crowd. This was a dynamite show for the locals with about 30 union members mostly at ringside.

Super featherweight southpaw Frank Santos DeAlba, 17-1-2 (6), of Allentown, PA, won a 6 round decision over game Jesus Lule, 7-15-1 (1) of Ft. Myers, FL. He hasn’t lost since his debut loss.

Each round was like the one before it with Lule chasing and DeAlba countering with many hard punches to body and head. Lule kept coming with the heart of a lion. On occasion he got in a good punch but couldn’t overcome the odds of the favorite.

Judges La Rosa and Page had it 60-54 as did DHB while judge Somma scored it 59-55 all for the winner. Referee was Gary Rosato.

The promoter Marshall Kauffman announced that DeAlba will be fighting unbeaten Omar “Super O” Douglas, 15-0 (11), of Wilmington, DE, on December 29th at the Sands Casino in Bethlehem, PA, over the Premier Boxing Champions network. The two were to have met earlier in the year in New York in a fight that deserved to be in PA and now is.

Super middleweight Antowyan “Iceman” Aikens, 10-0-1 (1), of Atlantic City, NJ, seemed fortunate to gain a draw against Tahir “Downunder” Thomas, 4-0-1 (3), of Salisbury, MD, over 6 rounds of action.

In the opening round a right hand from Aikens dropped the much shorter Thomas who was up immediately. In the second round a double-left hook by Thomas had Aikens holding on. Just prior to the bell a combination hurt Aikens but he came right back. In the third round Thomas looked good out punching Aikens.

In the fourth round Aikens was cut outside the left eye and Thomas had a bloody nose in the best round of the fight up until then. In the fifth round Aiken was countering well as the aggressive Thomas kept coming forward. In the sixth and final round Thomas dug in forcing Aikens to take a knee after a flurry of punches. Aikens would come back but Thomas was the harder puncher of the two. “I thought I won it. This must be his second hometown,” said Thomas. The fans seemed to agree with him.

Scores were Judge George Hill 57-55 Thomas, Lindsay Page 57-55 Aikens and Dewey LaRosa 56-56. DHB had it 57-55 for Thomas.

Super middleweight Christopher Brooker, 5-1 (4), of Philly defeated late sub Edgar Perez, 6-17 (3), of Chicago, IL, over 4 rounds.

In the second round Brooker dropped Perez in a neutral corner for an 8 count. In the third round Brooker walked into a right hand from Perez and was hurt. He came back and cut Perez on the outside of the left eye. In the fourth and final round it was all Brooker as Perez showed a lot of heart hanging in there.

All 3 judges Somma, Page and LaRosa scored it 40-35 as did DHB.

Super middleweight Ryan “the Fighting Writer” Bivins, 0-1-1 of Philly and Daryl Bunting, 0-0-1 (0), of Asbury Park, NJ, fought to a 4 round draw.

In the opening round Bunting outworked Bivins who fights with his head up in the air in spite of a nice amateur past. In the third round Bivins got hurt with a left hook to the head but came roaring back driving Bunting to the ropes. Bunting was hurting Bivins to the body in the fourth and final round but Bivins keeps coming back landing a left hook to the chin. At the bell referee Franciosi had to step in between the fighters as they were going at it.

Judge Page had it 39-37 Bunting, Hill 39-37 Bivins and Somma 38-38.

Cruiserweight Hafiz Montgomery, 2-0 (1), of Toms River, NJ, knocked out southpaw Devon Mosley, 0-4-1, of Capitol Heights, MD, at 2:35 of the first round.

“I have the best team (Ron Carter coach and Shawn Darling, manager) in the world. I dedicated it to my wife and kids and Toms River Cadets,” said Montgomery. When he dropped Mosley he came over to him after the 10 count to see if he was alright. When he corner went to raise him up in victory he told them he didn’t want that. It was a real classy move on Montgomery’s part.

Cruiserweight Tyrell Colston, 0-1 (0) of Philly was stopped by PR Hector Perez, 3-1 (2), of Atlantic City, NJ, at 1:44 of the second round in a scheduled 4.

In the opening round Colston dropped Perez halfway thru with a devastating right to the chin. Perez was able to hang in there until the bell. In the second round it was Perez dropping Colston in a neutral corner saved by the ropes which is an automatic knockdown. He was hurt but fought back until Perez hurt him again knocking him thru the ropes. As he tried to get up referee Rosato wisely called a halt.

In the opening bout heavyweight Corey Morley, 0-0-1 (0), of Philly and Brian Donahue, 3-13-3 (0), of Philly fought to a draw over 4 rounds.

This was a back and forth fight between two warriors fighting their hearts out for 3 rounds. In the fourth and final round Donahue seemed to pull it out. A draw is probably more deserving. No loser in this one.

Judge Hill 39-37 Donahue, Page 39-37 Morley and Mike Somma 38-38. Referee was Gary Rosato.

Lightweight Scott Kelleher, 3-0 (1), of Philly defeated Jack Grady, 0-2-1 (0), of Buffalo, NJ, over 4 rounds.

In the opening round it was mostly Kelleher with a large following cheering him on until a clash of heads opened a cut on Kelleher’s left eye brow. He came storming back as Grady would switch from Orthodox to southpaw trying to keep the fight inside due to the taller Kelleher’s reach and good jab. Cut man Danny Davis was in Kelleher’s corner. In the second round Kelleher dominated while Grady tried working on the cut. Grady had a mouse under his right eye.

In the third round Kelleher’s cut was opened for the third straight round with Grady tying him up and using his head doing his best to keep the cut flowing while he was taking a beating. Kelleher was ripping body shots at the bell driving Grady into a neutral corner. In the fourth and final round it was all Kelleher as Grady hung in tough.

Judges Hill, Somma and LaRosa had it 40-36 as did DHB.

Kelleher had the Hinnant brothers Wade and Randy in the corner along with Davis.

Kelleher’s fans were yelling “Karyn, Karyn” in a tribute to his mother who passed away recently per ring announcer Nino Del Buno. It was a very emotional scene as Keller left the ring and his fans embraced him. Featherweight Eliezar Mendez Garcia, 1-2 (0), Reading, PA was stopped by come backing Derrick Bivins, 2-4-2 (1), of Philly at 0:45 of round two getting dropped with a right to the chin. Referee David Franciocis wisely stopped it as Garcia beat the count but wobbled forward before the referee grabbed him. It was scheduled for 4.

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