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Pennsylvania and New Jersey Falling Behind in 2015 Boxing Shows
By Ken Hissner, Dog House Boxing (Nov 25, 2015)

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Pennsylvania and New Jersey have fallen behind in shows in 2015. Delaware didn’t have any shows. In 2014 they had 3 shows.

Below are the statistics of shows for the past 5 years. With the casinos in Atlantic City either folding or hurting financially with few of the casinos having much boxing. Eastern PA has 3 casinos with boxing.

In Pennsylvania Marshall Kauffman’s Kings Promotions are fronting for Al Haymon. Kauffman put up a show in Philadelphia on November 20th with his own fighters and it was a success. He will have a show December 29th featuring his fighter Frank Santos De Alba, 17-1-2 who hasn’t lost since his pro debut. He will be up against Delaware’s Omar “Super O” Douglas, 15-0 who is with Haymon on the PBC network at the Sands Casino in Bethlehem, PA, on a Tuesday that should be one heck of a main event. They were supposed to fight in New York months ago and it didn’t come off.

  2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
PA 25 30 34 44 25 with 2 scheduled
NJ 26 25 19 17 12 with 3 scheduled

Pennsylvania took a big drop going from 44 in 2014 to 27 in 2015 with the possibility of another 2 shows. Out of town trainer and managers claim they have trouble dealing with the boxing director and don’t want to return. One of them is a HOF trainer out of California. In New Jersey the returning commissioner always wanted the big shows like in Atlantic City and Newark and paid little attention to the club shows. One promoter left and are now running shows in Montana. .

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