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Klitschko loses all the titles to Fury in One Dull fight!
By Ken Hissner, Dog House Boxing (Nov 29, 2015)

Tyson Fury
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Wladimir “Dr. Steelhamer” Klitschko lost for the first time in over 10 years to Britain’s Tyson Fury, 25-0 (18), over 12 rounds. I was one of the dullest heavyweight fights this writer has seen since seeing my first fight in 1952. It was an embarrassment to the many Klitschko fans, his brother Vitali, trainer Jonathan Banks. Fury wasn’t much better throwing wide punches with each hand while backing up the entire fight. The judge’s decisions were a mere formality. The fight was held in Duesseldorf, Germany before 45,000 disappointed fans.

In the opening round neither boxer connected much with Klitschko trying to walk Fury down. Klitschko didn’t throw a right hand but his jab was keeping Fury off. Klitschko’s round. In the second round the pace picked up just a little with Fury landing a couple wide left hooks but still backing up. Still no right’s from Klitschko. Fury’s round. In the third round there were little punches landed. Fury’s round. In the fourth round it didn’t pick up much. Klitschko finally threw a right landing on the left shoulder of Fury. Referee Tony Weeks warned Fury for the fourth time about rabbit punches. Fury’s round.

In the fifth round Klitschko had a small cut under his left eye on the cheek bone. Still more clinching than punching. Fury’s round. In the sixth round Fury grabs rope without warning from referee Weeks. Fury clowning around putting his hands behind his back. With Roy Jones Jr at ringside it brings back memories of Jones doing it. Fury’s round. In the seventh round Fury attempts to rough Klitschko up before falling into a clinch. For the third time Fury puts his hands behind his head. Klitschko’s corner of Jonathan Banks and Vitali Klitschko are trying to get their fighter to open up. Fury is doing little with wide swings but Klitschko is fighting like his hands are tied. Fury’s round. In the eighth round Klitschko throws a little more than Fury. Klitschko’s round.

In the ninth round Klitschko throws a pair of rights with one landing on the jaw of Fury before a clinch. Fury gets warned for rabbit punches for the umpteenth time. Still no points taking away by referee Weeks. It’s turned into a wrestling match. When Fury comes in Klitschko ties him up. Klitschko turns his back to Fury after a clinch and gets hit with a left hook to the face from behind. Fury’s round.

In the tenth round both boxers haven’t landed body punches except in a clinch. Klitschko’s gotten old in one night. His trainer Banks is yelling at him. Fury’s round. In the eleventh round twice Fury he hits on break without warning. Klitschko’s cut under the right eye. Referee Weeks finally takes a point away from Fury. Even round. In the twelfth and final round Fury who has very little talent seems way ahead against a non-punching Klitschko. Neither looks like a champion. A left hook by Klitschko to the chin of Fury rocks Fury. It was his best punch of the night. Klitschko lands a right to the chin with seconds to go. Klitschko’s round.

Judges Ramos 115-112, Caiz 115-112 and Cerdan 116-111 for Fury. DHB had it 115-112 for Fury.

“I want to thank my Lord and savior Jesus Christ. This is a dream come true,” said a tearful Fury. Then Fury said as promised he would sing a song to his wife and did. It was Fury out landing 86-52 punches landed that has to be a record for least punches. It’s time for Klitschko’s retirement just 3 months prior to his 40th birthday. Former WBC champ Lennox Lewis was one of the interviewers after the fight and both he and Fury were complimentary to each other.

Klitschko was interviewed and spoke in German and for some reason HBO didn’t hire an interpreter.

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