Why Bradley's win 100% certifies Marquez's KO of Pacquiao as a 'Lucky Punch'...
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Why Bradley's win 100% certifies Marquez's KO of Pacquiao as a 'Lucky Punch'...
By Kyle Lucas, Doghouse Boxing (Oct 14, 2013)

Bradley hammers Marquez
(Photo © German Villasenor, Doghouse Boxing Inc.)
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Timothy Bradley's well deserved victory over Juan Manuel Marquez on Saturday did something to certifiably erase whatever value there may have been in Marquez's knock-out win over Manny Pacquiao. What did Bradley's succesful defense do to diminsh JMM's win over Pacquiao? Simple... Bradley's victory certified that Marquez's knock-out punch of the 'Pacman' (round 3 of their Dec 8, 2012 encounter) was nothing more than what many of us have been saying all along... A LUCKY PUNCH! Read on...

First, let me start by saying that Marquez's constant refusal to be a true man and champ by offering Pacquiao a 5th spot on the turn-table (a rematch), clearly should be a sure-fire indicator to all that even he himself must feel and obviously know that it was a lucky punch. Marquez has basically stated time and time again that he wants to savor the moment and not give Pacquiao a rematch - but if he had confidence in himself and skills, if he truly believed it wasn't a lucky punch, he would have stepped up to the plate and done what was right in the first place, and that is offer Pacquiao the immediate rematch he deserved. I could go on and emphasize what a true sports man would do, but the ranting and raving Marquez and his trainer Ignacio "Nacho" Beristáin have fired off at Bradley since losing seems to be a clear indicator that sportsmanship is not in Marquez's vocabulary or mind-set.

Here is the known deal with every fight Pacquiao and Marquez had... it was fast and furious. Of course in their last fight, it could have easily been Marquez who walked into a perfectly timed punch. No doubt abut that. That is what made and makes Marquez's Punch lucky and he knows it. With the exception of the 'lucky punch", never once did Marquez out box Pacquiao. He was not dominating Pacquiao in any sense. If he was dominating and totally controlling Pacquiao (which he wasn't) and followed it up by knocking out Pacman - then and only then would the punch not be ruled 'Lucky' in anyone's book.

Now many will rightfully argue that Pacquiao was robbed in his fight with Bradley. You all know the controversy in that one. Well on Saturday night, Juan Marquez was out boxed by 'The Desert Storm' - there was no robbery, nothing controversial, the right man won. Bradley, the same man that many felt lost to Pacquiao, beat Marquez... his victory over Marquez certifies the "Pacquiao Knock-Out" as a nothing more than a lucky punch.

Moving forward, Pacquiao should also thank Bradley because Marquez is now effectively out of the picture.

If we all now know that Bradley can seriously out box Marquez (as we witnessed to be true on Saturday), and most of us agree Pacquiao can and has seriously out boxed Bradley (controversy aside), then we should all now be in agreement that the punch dealt by Marquez, in a fight he was never dominating in was nothing more or less than a lucky punch.

And we can all thank Mr. Bradley for certifying it.

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