Doggy Bag: Top 3 Must Fights for Manny Pacquiao
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Doggy Bag: Top 3 Must Fights for Manny Pacquiao
By Kyle Lucas, Doghouse Boxing (Oct 15, 2013)

Manny Pacquiao
(Manny Pacquiao)
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Welcome to 'Doggy Bag' where I discuss some of my ideas, thoughts and feelings on Boxing related issues. Plus some news worthy tid bits and more. Enjoy!

To start, I'd like to talk about the 3 MUST-FIGHTS in order of importance for Manny Pacquiao - These of course are hypothetical because before any of these match-ups can truly begin to be discussed, on November 23rd Pacquiao must first tackle the challenge of Brandon 'Bam Bam' Rios. I want to stress I am not overlooking Rios, especially after I recently enjoyed listening to him in an interview conducted by Jenna J. for On The Ropes Boxing Radio / DHB - (more on that below) in which he was brimming with confidence and finally had me sold that he will not be a pushover. So without further ado...


Number One: Obviously a no-brainer - Floyd Mayweather Jr.

It isn't just the number one must-fight for Pacquiao - it is also most definitely the top fight for Mayweather. These two will always be linked in name. They have unfinished business. And if it's all about making money - can someone tell me what fight in boxing could make more? Would it be a record breaker? I believe so on all fronts from the live gate to the PPV revenue.

Really the only question is 'why hasn't this fight happened already?' - If there has been any inkling of the possibility that Team Mayweather maybe re-thinking the landscape and heading in the direction of a Pacquiao bout - it came in this recent exclusive interview conducted by Jenna J. with Floyd Mayweather Sr:
Floyd Sr: "I think Pacquiao is the man to take a shot at Floyd, and if we check him from head to toe, we can go!"'....

Number Two: Until Saturday night at the Thomas & Mack Center, this spot was reserved for Juan Manuel Marquez (who Ko'ed Pacquiao in round 3 of their fight this past December) but now goes to Tim Bradley (who defeated JMM by way of a split decision). Last year in the month of June, Bradley won a shocking and highly controversial split decision to take the WBO welterweight title off Pacquiao.

For Pacquiao a rematch with Bradley is not about unfinished business as it would be the case with Mayweather, but rather righting a wrong. A chance for Pacquiao to correct all the misdoings of their first controversial encounter. - This is also the number one must-fight for Bradley - perhaps his only shot at redemption in the eyes of fans left hot and bothered over his victory on Pacman.

Number Three: You've probably guessed by now, thanks to the obvious clue in number two I am picking Marquez here. It was the punch felt around the world. I considered it a 'Lucky Punch' as I wrote in my column yesterday: Why Bradley's win 100% certifies Marquez's KO of Pacquiao as a 'Lucky Punch'.... These two have deep seated history and the final chapter on this book is one fight away.

So there are the 3, but like I stated before I listed any names, the most important battle for Pacquiao right now is Rios. Check out what Rios had to say in this recent exclusive interview with ON THE ROPES BOXING RADIO:
Brandon Rios: "Everyone thinks I'm tailor made for Pacquiao, but I'm gonna surprise the world and give him a taste of my medicine!"...

MORE ON THE ROPES Also Check out the latest - TODAY from Jenna J's / Doghouse Boxing:
Ricky Hatton: "I think there's only Amir Khan for Floyd Mayweather, because you've obviously got the United States/UK rivalry and Amir's proved his worth"


Anatomy of a bad decision: Raymundo Beltran reflects on the great robbery in Scotland

In an excellent interview conducted by John J. Raspanti, yesterday Doghouse Boxing readers were treated to Raymundo Beltran - “Ricky (Burns) was doing more surviving than fighting. The referee wasn’t neutral, he was helping Ricky. I didn’t think he was a fair referee. He didn’t warn Ricky about holding so much."

If you missed it... check it out now:
Anatomy of a bad decision: Raymundo Beltran reflects on the great robbery in Scotland

Hope you enjoyed this edition of the Doggy Bag and make sure you check out the links provided. None of them disappoint!

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