Muhammad Ali speaks out on what's close to his Heart
By Kyle Lucas (July 3, 2009)  
Next month the living legend, Muhammad Ali is set to visit the U.K. Ali has an engagement that will lead him to Stoke City's Britannia Stadium. On August 27, Ali will be at the stadium for a luncheon event.

Ali who is now 67 years of age will travel to the event to help raise awareness as well as support for his Muhammad Ali Centre which is situated in his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky.

Ali who's popularity still runs high worldwide, was recently quoted by the BBC in regards to his upcoming trip. Ali stated the British nation was close to his heart, stating:" The UK is very close to my heart."

Ali went on to discuss why he wanted to go back to the U.K. "I want to visit again not only to raise awareness for the Muhammad Ali Centre, but to re-visit a wonderful country and all my friends here,"stated Ali.


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