Mike Tyson's Greatest Musical Hits! Coming to a Itunes Music Store Near You!
By Kyle Lucas (July 4, 2009)  
Ok, I liked the movie Hangover. I didn't find it over the top funny, but I did enjoy the humor. Of course my favorite parts in the movie by far is with Mike Tyson in it. Mike Tyson plays himself... and I actually loved his singing (Yes, Tyson sings in the Movie). Yeah it was fun(nny), but there was something cool about listening to the former Heavyweight champion belt out Phil Collins. Certainly he is no Pavarotti, or Freddie Mercury, but you could still tell Tyson likes to sing.

I've compiled a list of songs I'd love to hear Tyson sing, perhaps on his own album or tunes I can download from itunes. Yes, I am going to have a little fun with my choices... but it's obvious Tyson has fun with music... so why not?

Since Tyson likes Phil Collins, I'd love to hear Tyson sing my all time favorite Collins' tune, "Against All Odds". Yeah, Tyson signing one of the best romantic songs ever written. That voice of his would mangle it in a great way.

With Michael Jackson's passing, it would be great to hear a tribute to Jackson with Tyson singing "Beat It". C'mon, who wouldn't love Tyson doing a Jackson tune! They both have soft voices... it's almost natural in an unnatural way. Imagine the video, Tyson trying to moonwalk and grabbing his crotch and screaming.

"I'm Too Sexy" by Right Said Fred. C'mon, Tyson on the Catwalk and he does his little turn on the Catwalk. I am telling you...that would be a hot item right down to the last line of the song... where Tyson would end it with, "I'm too sexy for this Song!"

"Wookie Pa Nub" - Eddie Murphy as Buckwheat on Saturday Night Live. If you've heard it, then you know why I'd l ove to hear Tyson sing Murphy's version of Johnny Lee's "Looking for Love in all the wrong places."

Painkiller by Judas Priest... Listening to Tyson try to belt this heavymetal classic... well lets just say, we'd probably all need some painkillers after listening. Still, as crazy as it sounds, how fun would it be to own a personal copy of Tyson signing a Rob Halford tune. No one can scream like Halford can... but you'd know it would be fun listening to Tyson try.

Tubthumping - Chumbawamba (I Get Knocked Down) - LOL, read this next sentence in Tyson's voice... **Pissing the night away... He drinks a whisky drink, he drinks a vodka drink... Danny Boy! I get knocked down but I get up again! You'll never keep me down!**

Killing me Softly - Fugees - After hearing Tyson do Phil Collins... Why not :) Or "Ready or Not" also by the Fugees. Tyson could not only do Wyclef Jean and Pras Michel's vocals, but he could defecate on the microphone in ways that Lauryn Hill never could.

"Don't Worry Be Happy" - Bobby McFerrin - I actually think Tyson would sound good signing this one... and would it ever be lost on you, listening to Tyson singing "Don't Worry Be Happy"! It's insanity at it's best, but could bring this song back to the charts. Oh yes, Tyson doing McFerrin! Make it happen!

"I think I can Beat Mike Tyson" - Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff - C'mon, Tyson rapping about beating Mike Tyson!

"I guess that's why the call it the Blues" by Elton John ... For nothing else, Tyson would put his heart into this one.

So there are a few off the top of my head that I would actually love to hear Tyson sing. And yes, I'd buy the album. Who knows, the success could bring forth a Tyson Christmas Album special :)


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