Mike Tyson - Online voting poll not looking good for Tyson
By Kyle Lucas (July 5, 2009)  
Australian Publication, The Herald Sun recently asked it's readers though an online voting poll if they were cool with letting Mike Tyson into their country for a visit. Tyson has recently stated that he is interested in visiting Australia for speaking engagements. Australian and worldwide boxing Legend Jeff Fenech is working on securing Tyson a pass into the country, but due to Tyson's criminal past, it will be difficult to get Tyson on Australian soil.

So are Australian's cool with letting Tyson come to the land down under for a visit? In a poll conducted by the Herald Sun, reader's were asked: "Should Mike Tyson be allowed into Australia?" A time that this article here at DoghouseBoxing went to print, The Herald Sun had a Total of 690 votes.

The breakdown of the 690 votes are as follows... 42% (294 votes) of Herald Sun readers voted YES, Mike Tyson should be allowed into the country. 57% (396 votes) of Herald Sun readers feel Mike Tyson should NOT be allowed in the country.

42% voted yes, and 57 voted no. It's pretty much a split, with the Non-forgiving slightly edging those who obviously feel Tyson has paid his debt to society.

I myself feel Tyson should be allowed into their Country. I believe Tyson is a good man and deserves to live his life freely like the rest of us.


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