How Don King and Michael Jackson killed Coke with Pepsi in the War of the 80's!
By Kyle Lucas (July 6, 2009)  
Did you know that Pepsi vs. Coke War went into overdrive in the 80's? Ok, probably you did... but did you also know that the greatest Promoter of all time Don King played a key role? What many Boxing fans might not know is that Don King in the 80's also promoted Michael Jackson... and was the key figure in landing Jackson a contract with Pepsi.

We have a special video for you here on this page. It details the war between Pepsi and Coke and how the
legendary Don King along with superstar Michael Jackson played a huge role in the war. Trust me, you got to see this one!

At the height of Jackson's popularity, Don King made Coke an offer they couldn't refuse....yet the Cola giant did just that...they refused. King then went over to Pepsi and made them an offer they could not refuse... and Pepsi jumped on it. Coke then came back with a much better offer, but King told them he already signed a deal with Pepsi.

The end result was Hundreds of Millions in profits for Pepsi and a MASSIVE swap in market share.

Check out this video, it's an amazing piece of history. Find out the details of the deals and how much money was swapped. The video includes Don King and a former VP of Coke-a-Cola talking about one of the greatest fights ever, Pepsi vs Coke over Michael Jackson.


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