Floyd Mayweather Jr's purchase proves he is a big fan of Michael Jackson
By Kyle Lucas (July 7, 2009)  
Everyone everywhere is celebrating the life and music of Michael Jackson. Many are claiming to be the Pop King's biggest fan. Although Jackson has passed on, his music will live forever. One person who can truly be called a massive fan of Jackson's is Floyd Mayweather Jr.

How do we know that Floyd Mayweather Jr. is a big fan of Jackson's? Because the owner of The Beat Goes On, a Grand Rapids music store, Mario Leon claims that a few years back, Mayweather Jr.
bought up a his collection of Jackson dolls.

Quoted by the Grand Rapids Press, Leon stated that Mayweather Jr. came into his store, saw the Jackson dolls and asked: "He said, 'How much are those?" Mayweather Jr. went on to tell the Owner, "I want them."

Leon went on to sell Mayweather Jr. 4 Jackson dolls for around $75 a piece. "That was way long before he (Jackson) died, so Floyd is a real Michael Jackson fan," Leon told the publication.

Jackson pased away on June 25.


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