Watch Video: Boxing Legend Arturo Gatti found Dead
By Kyle Lucas (July 12, 2009)  
The whole boxing world is in shock and mourning the untimely death of Arturo Gatti. So far details are sketchy, but Brazilian Police have confirmed they found Gatti dead in a hotel room in Brazil. For more on this story, please see a link to our report at the bottom of this article.

On this page, we also have a Video provided by ESPN in regards to Arturo Gatti's death. ESPN goes deep into Gatti's sensational boxing career as well as discussing his personal demons and run ins with
the law. The video also hits on the condition Gatti's body was found in and certain details provided to the public.

This video run time is 7 minutes and 20 seconds long. ESPN's description of the video: Foul play suspected in former boxing champion's death in Brazil.

For more details and information, Click Here to read our report on Gatti's death.

To Watch the video Provided by ESPN, Click the Video Below.


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