Watch Video: UFC 100 in Depth 360 at Brock Lesnar vs Frank Mir - as told by Joe Rogan
By Kyle Lucas (July 15, 2009) DoghouseBoxing  
We had a free video posted yesterday on the famous Buffer 360 at UFC 100 during the Brock Lesnar vs Frank Mir match-up. Today's free video is another must see video. It's an in depth look at the 360 as videographed by Joe Rogan before, and during UFC 100.

It's a fun video, you get to see legendary announcer Bruce Buffer not only preform the 360, but watch how the crowd goes crazy (as does Joe Rogan)... but there is much more to the video than that.

It's also a much better copy of the 360 video we posted yesterday.

Video Description: Joe Rogan and his videographer documented the time leading up to the "Buffer 360" happening at UFC 100... Joe was the main antagonist for months motivating Buffer to do it... this cool specially edited video tells it all.

In this UFC 100 related video, you really get the sense that Buffer is someone you could have a beer with. He seems to be much more to the UFC and it's fans than one might expect (watch the video and see for yourself)... but then again, with a famous announcer - bloodline as the name "Buffer" (Michael Buffer is his Brother), perhaps I shouldn't expect less after all!

Enjoy the video! I know I did!

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