Arturo Gatti may have committed Suicide! Autopsy Indicates - Says Brazilian Newspaper
By Kyle Lucas (July 18, 2009) DoghouseBoxing  
According to a report out by the AP citing a Brazilian newspaper (Jornal do Comercio) as the source, the autopsy that has been performed on Arturo Gatti indicates he may have committed suicide.

Last Saturday morning, Gatti was found dead by Brazilian Police. Police reported that Gatti was found with a knife wound to the back of his head as well as strangulation marks around his neck. Police confiscated a knife and a bloody purse strap as evidence and believed that Gatti's wife had murdered her husband as he slept in a drunken state.

Police arrested Amanda Rodrigues for suspicion of killing her husband. Rodrigues, has maintained that she is not guilty of the crime. At this time she is in custody after being arrested for suspicion of murder (although she is yet to be charged with murder).

According to the Saturday Edition of the Brazilian Publication "Jornal do Comercio", the autopsy indicates that Arturo Gatti's body was "suspended and hanged, indicating he may have committed suicide."

The autopsy (according to the paper) also indicates that Gatti could have been accidentally killed or murdered.

AP reports that they can not confirm the Brazilian Publication's report because Paula Cysneiros, a spokesperson who represents the medical examiners' office, would not confirm the Jornal do Comercio's reporting.

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