Team Manny Pacquiao ready to negotiate fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr
By Kyle Lucas (Sept 18, 2009) DoghouseBoxing  
There could be some great news for fight fans if both Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. win their upcoming battles. Todd duBoef, president for Top Rank Inc. which handles Pacquiao, tells David Mayo of the Grand Rapids Press, that should both fighters pass their next challenges, then Top Rank intends on negotiating a fight in good faith with Mayweather Jr. to pit him against Pacquiao.

Todd duBoef tells the publication that he is aware of the great demand for a Mayweather Jr. vs. Pacquiao showdown. duBoef stated: "I agree that there is a public demand for it that you don't see often in our sport, this pent-up demand for Pacquiao and Mayweather. I think it's because the names resonate globally, they've been in big fights, they've been in marquee positions."

In regards to making the fight happened, duBoef stressed that if both fighters won their upcoming fights and rational behavior occurs, then he believes the public will get the fight. "I think if both guys win, we sit down and talk. If rational behavior prevails, which it has a tough time doing in our sport ... then the public will get it," stated duBoef.

Mayweather Jr. returns on Saturday at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada, to take on Juan Manuel Marquez. Pacquiao returns on November 14th to face off against Miguel Cotto.

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