Does Manny Pacquiao use Steroids, Cocaine or Marijuana? Test Results Now Public
By Kyle Lucas (Sept 19, 2009) DoghouseBoxing  
The magnificently talented Manny Pacquiao is NOT injecting Anrold Schwarzenegger-Juice in his veins and he is NOT a coke-head or pot-head. According to a report out by the NSAC, not only is Manny Pacquiao not using illegal steroids, but he also isn't using cocaine or marijuana.

The Nevada State Athletic Commission which vigorously tests Athletes for illegal substances, have come out on record to clear Manny Pacquiao's name. Recently Floyd Mayweather Sr. made allegations that he believes Pacquiao is on some sort of enhancement. To be fair, Mayweather Sr. did not accuse Pacquiao of using Marijuana or Cocaine, but strongly indicated to the Grand Rapids Press that he believed Pacquiao was using something to boost his performance.

Keith Kizer, the executive director for the NSAC, has now gone on record to defend Pacquiao and gave insight to the tests Pacquiao has passed. Quoted by, Kizer stated:"All I can tell you is that Pacquiao, every time he's fought here (in Nevada, has) been tested, as well as his opponents. He passed every drug test we did to him, every steroid test we did to him."

Kizer went on to explain just how in-depth the NSAC goes when conducting searches of the athletes when it comes to Title fights. Not only do they look for performance enhancing drugs, but also illegal drugs, such as Marijuana and Cocaine. "Title fights (we have) tests for steroids and drug abuse. (We look out for) marijuana, cocaine. We collect urine (for tests) before and after the fight," stated Kizer.

There you have it Folks.... Manny Pacquiao is CLEAN!

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