Don't be a Crazy! Manny Pacquiao vs Miguel Cotto is Worth the Money!
By Kyle Lucas (Nov 5, 2009) DoghouseBoxing  
I love my new TV set. Recently I upgraded, went from a 32' to a 42'. I purchased a Sharp Aquos (LCD), and didn't spend big money on it (I am not rich... It was on sale). I am really happy with it. Not much to say other than it's a flat screen with great picture quality, its hooked up to a satellite dish receiver and it displays some damn good HDTV quality.

With Manny Pacquiao vs. Miguel Cotto set to fight on November 14th, you can bet your money that I will have my satellite
dish pointed at the HBO live telecast PPV feed, streaming it to my TV set in in High Definition.

So yes, I am a little more excited than I probably would be with the new TV set ready for it's inaugural boxing match. And what a match it will be!

If you ask me, HDTV was invented for Boxing! So a match like Pacquiao vs. Cotto is exactly the purpose of the upgrade for me. In HD, you see the blood, sweat and tears in ways that seem inconceivable. It really is the best way to put yourself in the action without actually being in the ring (or ringside).

I don't make much money at my day job and with the new TV, I've basically broken the bank. Truthfully, I am about as rich as a penniless bum these days. Lucky for me I have a couple of friends who are also cheap and will be coming by to watch the fight at my apartment. With the PPV having a price of $54.95 (and probably a little more for HDTV), I'll be having 5, maybe 6 friends drop by and we will split the price of the event. We will enjoy the fight, have a few beers and save some cash in the process.

Ok, so aside from the TV, there is obviously plenty more reasons why I can not miss this match. Basically the simplest equation is this: You take Manny Pacquiao, you add Miguel Cotto and it equals... FIREWORKS!

Although I am picking Pacquiao to win, I can not over look Cotto. My problem (if you call it a problem) is that I really like both fighters. It makes it harder for me to pick the winner because both of these guys have serious talent, crazy power and hearts bigger than their heads! These are two fighters not known for being in crappy fights. They have always given me my monies worth. I have never walked away displeased with their performances. Win or lose...they both give it their all!

Listen, I know money can be tight these days... but do what you got to do to buy this fight. Don't be one of those dumb bums who thinks they will find a live free stream over the internet. Those feeds will be shut down on fight night and / or will come in choppy crappy quality (terrible sound and picture)... plus its illegal! The best way to watch it and guarantee yourself quality and peace of mind is by buying the PPV. If you can't afford it...try getting together with friends and split the price.

Come fight night, I will be proud that my money will actually be going to the people who are responsible for putting on the show. I'll be actually supporting Manny Pacquiao, Miguel Cotto, their teams and every single damn person from the guys who put up the boxing ring, the people running the TV cameras and the countless others that make a show of this magnitude even possible.

My mom didn't raise no thief, and personally I'd rather miss the fight than steal it over some illegal stream. Like always with recent big PPV events, those illegal streams will be shut down on fight night anyway. HBO's legal team will make sure of that! So why even bother?

This is one fight worth paying for! Buy the fight and support the sport!

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