Boxing Fans say Mayweather is scared to fight Pacquiao
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Boxing Fans say Mayweather is scared to fight Pacquiao
By Kyle R. Lucas, Doghouse Boxing (Jan 9, 2015)

Manny Pacquiao - Floyd Mayweather
Manny Pacquiao - Floyd Mayweather
Ever wonder what a bunch of true boxing fans would say if you got them in a room and discussed why it is that Floyd Mayweather Jr. has never given fans what they want... the Manny Pacquiao fight? It's a great question, if not a little loaded in favor of Pacquiao, but let's face it, if anyone seems to be holding up the show... it's has to be Mayweather, right? After all, does "Money" not hold all the cards and constantly ignore all calls to face Pacquiao? And truthfully, has Pacquiao not said time and time again he's ready to face Mayweather at any cost? You know, even fans of Mayweather know it's their man that is holding back from making this fight.

So, I checkout out the forums here at Doghouse Boxing, and here are just some of the recent posts from fans who really feel Floyd Jr. is scared to fight Pacquiao. Perhaps you'll agree, or maybe you won't... still worth reading and checking the fan's pulse on this matter...

I Really Think Floyd Is Scared To Fight Pacquiao:

jrodrig5 (Dog Pound Forum member - Boxing Fan) writes: I Really Think Floyd Is Scared To Fight Pacquiao - Not because he'll lose his zero because I still he wins but because he knows he'll get touched up pretty bad and maybe dropped. As long as he's getting his $$$$ why's he going to care what Manny Pacquiao or Bob Arum put in their pockets?

Danko writes: Of course he's scared if he wasn't they would have fought by now.

JohnnyBlaze writes: Y'know, if they never fight, Floyd's going to hear about it everywhere he goes for the rest of his life.

WhenWeWereKings (in response to JohnnyBlaze) writes: As he should. Imagine Muhammad Ali didn't fight Joe Frazier, Sugar Ray Leonard fight Tommy Hearns or Mike Tyson not fight Evander Holyfield. I'd have more respect for Mayweather if he fought him and lost than not fighting him at all.

Undisputed writes: They should be on the third leg of a boxing trilogy at this point.

Cang-ipos writes: Floyd's definitely scared.

For the nth time, Floyd quacked. He's scared of PAC.

Simba (in response to Cang-ipos) writes: Agreed.


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