What Manny Pacquiao needs now is No More Mr. Nice Guy, he's sick, he's obscene!
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What Manny Pacquiao needs now is No More Mr. Nice Guy, he's sick, he's obscene!
By Kyle R. Lucas, Doghouse Boxing (Sept 27, 2014)

Manny Pacquiao - Alice Cooper
Manny Pacquiao - Alice Cooper
"I'm gettin' mean
No more mister nice guy
No more mister clean
No more mister nice guy
They say, he's sick, he's obscene"
- Alice Cooper.

Before I get started, this article isn't about disliking Manny Pacquiao or Floyd Mayweather Jr. - I admire both fighters, and pretty much like them equally for what they are capable of doing inside the ring.


What boxing needs now is guys like Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather to retire. They have clogged up the system for far too long. But before these two go, they have unfinished business and this delaying of their fight has historically made them both look like fools. However, in order to truly make this fight happen, what Pacman needs to do now is get his game on... and by game on, I mean his Smack Talk. No More Mr. Nice Guy!

Earlier this week Pacquiao did something right for a change -- he took to his twitter account and blasted Mayweather for being a fraud. (Pacquiao disses Mayweather directly on Twitter) It was a brilliant move, but one that needs to be put on repeat. Pacquiao needs to rip and diss Mayweather every second of every press moment. Pacquiao needs to stop smiling at the cameras, singing songs and making jokes on late night television - because Mr. Nice Guy isn't getting the job done.

That's right, stop smiling and throw out more verbal blasts at Mayweather. Is there really a reason for Floyd to keep ducking Pacquiao? Now truth be told, it has to seem to everyone on the planet that Mayweather fears Pacman. Pacquiao should play this angle hard. Call Floyd a "chicken" a "coward" - Tell the world Mayweather protects his pay days by fighting the easy ones only. Whatever Pacquiao does, everything that comes out of his mouth should be insulting towards Mayweather -- it should be mean, even angry and as humiliating as possible. Pacquiao proved with his tweet this week, that he is fully capable of doing this. Now is not the time to stop.

It obvious, Mayweather won't touch Pacquiao. If Pacquiao wants the fight... it's time to start calling Mayweather out in public - make him feel like a coward bitch who is too worried about messing up his pay days by getting defeated by Pacquiao.

C'mon Pacman... No More Mr. Nice Guy, he's sick, he's obscene!

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