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Mike Tyson Innocent In Rape Case
Source EUROWEB (June 18, 2004) 
Information provided By EUROWEB

(Jun. 18, 2004) *These days it seems like any news you hear about boxer Mike Tyson is bad news, but this news is ... well, it's not bad. But it ain't all that good either.

In his new book, "America On Trial, Inside The Legal Battles That Transformed Our Nation,” famed attorney Alan Dershowitz recently released findings regarding the 1992 rape trial of Mike that he says show the boxer was innocent of raping a beauty contestant.

Mr. Tyson, who maintained, and continues to maintain his innocence, was surprised by the findings of Mr. Dershowitz, and wishes that there was some way his case could be retried.

Here are some of the revelations Dershowitz exposes in his book: critical information was withheld from the jury; false information was given to the jury; evidence that the Defendant and her relatives lied to the court; false information was given to the jury regarding the Defendant's background. He also maintains that three eyewitnesses were not allowed to testify, whom he believes would have won the case for Tyson; and maintains that at least four of the jurors "urged" the court to give Tyson a new trial.

Regarding the Tyson trial, Dershowitz said, "hard cases make bad law, then the Tyson case proves that unpopular defendants often receive bad justice.".

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