Henry Bruseles: The Sacrificial Lamb for Miguel Cotto
By Jeff Mayweather (January 16, 2005) 
Photo © Brian Cannon, BRC
On Saturday night January 22nd at Miami's AmericanAirlines Arena Henry Bruseles will be put on center stage with one of the best fighters in the world. To be honest, I never even heard of Bruseles, not that he isn't a good fighter. His record indicates that he is, but to have such a good record and to have not fought any one of merit indicates that there is a lot more to this fight than meets the eye. If you're looking for the real answer look in the corner of Bruseles and there lies the real answer, Miguel Cotto's dad. That is the real reason why this fight is happening.

Bruseles is actually a test to find out how Miguel Cotto would fare if he stepped in the ring with Mayweather, Jr. It's no secret that Mayweather Jr. and Cotto are on a collision course, if young Cotto can keep himself in the 140 lbs. frame which he struggles to maintain. What happens in this fight between Mayweather Jr. and Bruseles will be the determining factor as to whether Cotto should start banging the drum about fighting Mayweather Jr. or should just remain silent and continue on his path to stardom with Mayweather Jr. not being a part of the equation until the boxing public demands it.

Cotto's next fight is against DeMarcus 'Chop Chop' Corley. Mayweather's first fight at Jr. Welterweight was against Corley; so Corley too will be a determining factor. The reality is that neither Corley nor Bruseles will give Cotto the answers he seeks because styles make fights. Cotto is the better puncher but his attack is too economical for a fight with Mayweather Jr. He would certainly have to land a big shot to sway things in his favor, but skill for skill Mayweather Jr. has the advantage in hand-speed, foot-speed and defense, although one punch can certainly change the outcome of any fight.

Henry Bruseles will find out firsthand what it's like to be in the ring with Floyd Mayweather, Jr., one of the best fighters in the world. If Floyd brings his A-game to the fight, I'm sure there wont' be much to tell about the experience of being in the ring with Floyd Jr. other than the obvious, that he is extremely hard to hit, extremely fast and that his punching power is a little deceiving, which would still leave Cotto and his team only one way to find out how good Floyd Mayweather Jr. really is. That is by getting in the ring with him, or else Cotto can continue on his unbeaten path until the public demands this fight above all others.

For Henry Bruseles this is a great opportunity to be showcased on HBO against one of the best fighters in the world and gives him a chance to shock the world. Should he emerge victorious he could become an overnight celebrity, maybe even a household name, but in all likelihood he is being used as the sacrificial lamb for Miguel Cotto.
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