Morales-Pacquiao: Another War
By Jeff Mayweather (March 18, 2005) 
Erik Morales
Saturday night at the MGM Grand there will be a clash between two of the best Jr. Lightweights in the world, both former Champions, who will put it all on the line in a fight that is guaranteed to provide plenty sparks. Erik Morales coming off a rough, tough loss to Marco Antonio Barrera and Manny Pacquiao coming off a very impressive stoppage of Barrera certainly sets up an all out brawl.

Morales has been in three wars with Marco Antonio Barrera while Pacquiao completely dominated Barrera en route to stopping him inside the distance. Styles make fights, and this one has all the makings of a Barrera vs Morales all over again; both guys are all out warriors who are a little suspect when it comes to defense, both guys are extremely good punchers and can also take a pretty good shot. This fight might boil down to who can take it the best.

I personally lean toward Pacquiao because his style too me is so much like Barrera when Barrera isn't trying to box and chooses to all out war. The difference is that Pacquiao seems to be a better puncher and a little faster plus he's a southpaw. The other storyline that no one has the answer to until fight night is how many more wars does Morales have left in him; Morales himself might not even know.

I know Morales personally and consider him to be a friend of mine. He has a great jab and a good pair of legs but for some reason maybe his "Mexican machismo" won't allow him to use those attributes to help him excel. I boxed with Morales in two different training camps and he is extremely strong for a guy his size and has boxing skills the boxing world has yet to see, but for this fight with Pacquiao he will have to find some of those never before displayed boxing skills that he used in camp against me to emerge victorious.

My heart is with Eric but I think Pacquiao's hand-speed maybe the difference in the end because his punches may get there a tad faster. Both guys are tremendous punchers and could easily end this fight early on either side. It's one of the most even fights I have seen in a long time but the speed along with the wars between Morales and Barrera could be the determining factor. One thing is for sure no matter who wins, it will be another war

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