Mayweather-Judah: When Egos Collide
By Jeff Mayweather (August 31, 2005)
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Just like most boxing observers I have been noticing the recent trash talk between my nephew, Floyd Mayweather Jr., and current Unified Welterweight Champion Zab Judah. While some people claim the verbal assaults from each man to be nothing more than hype, I sense that both Floyd and Zab are genuine in their feelings. It's a case of two guys with huge egos, both doing the same thing, and there seems to be room for only one of the two when all is said and done.

In some ways I have always sensed that Zab and Floyd's friendship was phony. Sure, they were respectful to each other as champions and they did know each other earlier in life through the amateurs, but it was nothing more than respect on a small level. Sometimes when Zab would come to Las Vegas they would hang out a little bit, but nothing too deep. They live different lives as champions and were never as close as people were lead to believe.

All of this newfound hate seems to stem from a sparring session between the two a while back. Zab was coming into town to get ready for a fight and headed to the Top Rank gym to get some work in. He sparred my nephew and from what I've heard from reliable people, Floyd punished him. Zab perhaps thought Floyd was going to take things easy on him but it was just the opposite. Floyd came hard, and on top of that he began talking trash to Zab, saying that he was a great fighter while Zab was nothing close. Maybe Judah wasn't on top of his game because he was just getting off a plane flight earlier that day, or maybe he didn't expect the sparring to be that intense, but for whatever reason his ego seemed to have taken a big hit.

If they were to ever meet in the ring I would have to give the edge to my nephew. I don't think he would dominate completely but I do think he would win comfortably. Zab's power, speed, and southpaw stance would present some trouble and there would be some trying moments, but it's a case of a good fighter in Judah going up against an exceptional fighter in Floyd.

I know Zab Judah pretty well. He has always been good to me and I have nothing at all against him. I admire what he has accomplished and I think he's a very good fighter, the beef lies solely between him and Floyd Jr. If they ever do meet, I think it will be the type of fight that can add to Floyd's legacy. Floyd has been challenging himself over the years by moving up, both in weight class and in competition, and a fight against Judah would be more of the same, as he would be looking to capture the Welterweight Championship of the world. Just as the trash talk outside of the ring seems genuine, so too, do I believe a match up between both men could be great for boxing, especially the hard core fans of the sport.
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