Shane Mosley: A True Professional In and Out of the Ring
By Jeff Mayweather (September 15, 2005)
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In boxing I have noticed that some fighters act as their own worst publicists, constantly dissing other fighters and sometimes doing more talking with their mouths than fighting with their fists. One man who strays away from this pattern is Pomona, California’s own ‘Sugar’ Shane Mosley. Throughout his career Shane has laced up his gloves, kept his mouth shut, and done his job in the ring. He’s a true professional, through and through.

Shane has been fighting for a long time now. He had an extensive amateur career and some hard fights as a professional. He’s slowing down and it’s inevitable; that’s just the way time works. Even so, Shane is still an incredible fighter with great speed and power. He is also extremely strong, partly due to lifting weights over the years, and a dangerous threat to anyone at 147 lbs.

There once was a time when Shane seemed unbeatable in the eyes of many. Then he ran into a right hand from Vernon Forrest in January of 2002 that shook everything up. Shane would go on to lose a decision to Vernon that night and lost again in their rematch six months later. Shane has always been the type of fighter who fights with his heart, but in the Forrest rematch he seemed to fight to survive and that is the only real fight of his I can question.

With the losses to Forrest, and subsequent losses to Winky Wright in 2004, Shane’s confidence has seemed to take a hit. And even though most fighters will deny it, mentally you are never the same once you lose in such fashion. Shane did fight better in the rematch with Wright, but he just doesn’t seem to be the same guy in there anymore.

Throughout his career Shane has shown tremendous will and because of that I can’t count him out. A lot of people seem to think he would be in too deep against current WBO champion Antonio Margarito but I disagree. I think Shane would be too fast for him and that he would be able to hold his own inside the trenches. I would take Mosley in that fight.

Mosley has signed an exclusive contract with Oscar de la Hoya’s Golden Boy Promotions, and that is something that he can fall back on when he retires. As head of Fighter Relations, Mosley can expect to scout boxing talent around the United States as well as advise the current Golden Boy roster. One way or another Shane Mosley will be linked with boxing actively, but for now his fighting days look to be far from over and he’s still fighting with something to prove.

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