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All They Needed Was a Round
By Epifanio M. Almeda (April 25, 2004) 
Which round of a super-fight between true bloodied ring warriors still mesmerizes you to this day? You are mesmerized when you relish every second of a round as the combatants engage in a furious and torrid exchange lifting you up literally from your seat.

The round that did it for me was the first round of the now legendary fight that pitted undisputed Middleweight Champion, Marvelous Marvin Hagler, against Thomas ‘The Hit Man” Hearns.

Fresh from his second round demolition of Roberto Duran the previous year, Hearns challenged for the undisputed middleweight crown that was held by the Marvelous one on April 15, 1985.

Hagler and Hearns rushed out against each other as soon as the bell rung. Hagler throws the first punch which Hearns ducks. They trade bombs and Hearns inflicts a cut by a punch on Hagler’s forehead. Hearns succeeds in continuously landing his hard rights, but the relentless Hagler presses on with a barrage of his own and they hammer each other at will. Hearns backpedals while continuously landing shots as Hagler pursues with non-stop two-fisted pounding of his own. A hard right pins Hearns against the ropes and they bang each other until the end of the round delighting even more the already excited and applauding crowd.

Rounds such as this one keeps boxing enthusiasts’ interest in boxing alive. If boxing were to survive in these multi-sporting times much depends on the fighters themselves. I wish the fighters knew that as the fans do.

You may have your own special round. I would love to hear from Doghouse readers on what is your favorite round of a fight. By exchanging views and thoughts on the sport we love, we do our share in keeping it up in the sporting map as well.
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