Manny Pacquiao vs. Ricky Hatton Prediction - Who Wins and Why?
By Mike Cassell, Philadelphia Boxing Report (May 2, 2009) Doghouse Boxing              
Manny Pacquiao 48 (36 KO’s) – 3 - 2 was once an undisciplined typhoon out of the Philippines who’s relentless aggression and tenacious ring demeanor, seemingly willed his opposition to the canvas. He is a fighter who has been knocked down and knocked out. But since his loss to Eric Morales in 1999, he has truly become a complete fighter under the watchful eye of trainer Freddie Roach. Roach has very masterfully taken the tremendous heart and skill of the Filipino legend, and transformed him into a boxer, puncher, who utilizes his speed, power and most importantly, his discipline
in the ring. Nowhere was this new found skin more apparent then when he totally dismantled and demolished ring legend Oscar De La Hoya, forcing him to quit on his stool. He always had the will and the skill, but now he has the discipline to create his pugilistic “perfect storm”.

Ricky “The Hit man” Hatton 45 – 1 (32 KO’s) has always had that “thing” that has made past champions popular and exciting to watch. He creates drama through his straight forward, “charge ahead” style that almost always makes a bad fight good, and a good fight a spectacle. He couldn’t be placed any further culturally or geographically from Manny Pacquiao, but these two fighters are very much alike when it comes to heart and aggression. Hatton really exploded on to the world’s stage and into the imagination of fight fans when in 2005, he unceremoniously took Kostya Tszyu apart on Showtime Television. Since that date, he has proven that he is willing to cross the pond wherever and whenever there is a challenge. Since is destruction of Tszyu, he has fought seven times, five of those fights in the United States. Although some would argue that he lost to Bronx tough guy Luis Collazo, his only official loss came at the hands of then pound for pound King Floyd Mayweather Jr. Hatton also added trainer Floyd Mayweather Sr. since those fights, and looks absolutely spectacular.

The Prediction:

The first half this fight will be a general’s battle by the trainers. Both Roach and Mayweather understand that pace is just as important as space. Hatton will look to use his newly found hand speed, and set the pace. Pacquiao will look to keep his distance, shooting his left hand right up the middle, hoping to catch Hatton off guard and posing early.
The middle rounds will be a battle in which the fighters will take over. Who will leave their newly found skin first, and revert back to their brawling style? My guess is Hatton will win that award, but he will not win this battle. Pacquiao is just too disciplined and too powerful to be bullied by anybody, even at this weight. I see this fight being determined in the later rounds by the more disciplined brawler. Hatton is an amazing fighter with tremendous heart, but Manny Pacquiao will win this fight by knock out in rounds 8 through12. This will be a good one, and possibly fight of the year. Although Mayweather Jr. is waiting in the wings, this fight might almost certainly demand and immediate re-match.

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