The Next Generation of Boxing Champions
By Dimitrios Verteouris, DoghouseBoxing (Oct 8, 2008)  
Ever so often in the sport of boxing, world champions eventually have to face the fact that they will not be on top forever. And for every time that champion thinks about when the day will come when they will be knocked off the top of the food chain for good, there is a young prospect who's wondering when it will be his turn to be called a world champion.

In the tough streets of New York City, young kids find it hard to keep themselves out of trouble or danger. For
some, it's a daily struggle where they don't know where to turn for help, and for some it’s just the way they know how to survive. Naturally, the instincts of a fighter are instilled into many of the youngsters of today. Some choose to use it towards their street toughness and credibility. Others will use it in a sport in which they are allowed to take all their anger out on people: boxing.

That's why I’m writing to all of you from Brooklyn where we have had many world champs in the past. Today I’m here to talk about the future of boxing and the young talent that we need to keep our eyes open for. It's the young talented kids of today which will lead our sport into the future. This is why I would like for all of you to meet Angel Garcia. Garcia is a 19 year old star amateur boxer from Brooklyn with hopes of turning pro and becoming a world champion one day . This young man started boxing at the age of 16 years old and since he has started has never looked back. He was a very good baseball player as a young teenager but turned to boxing as soon as he entered a gym for the first time. Angel has since dropped baseball and stuck with the sport of boxing which he now loves.

A native of Humacao, Puerto Rico, Garcia moved here as a young kid to the United States. Living out of Sunset Park, Brooklyn, Garcia takes himself to Ardon Sweet Science Boxing gym to work on his skills with trainer Greg Ardon. For Angel, waking up every morning to run his 5 miles, getting dressed and going to work for 8 hours before heading to the gym and train for his next fight is a regular routine. He has compiled a record of 18 wins and 5 losses. Although most of his losses have been very controversial, he doesn't let them get to his head. Losing decisions only to top rated fighters in his respected 132 pound weight class, Angel knows that with more experience and wisdom he will overcome what he has to in order to become a world champion.

Angel has fought top fighters including top rated 132 pounder Shamuel Pagan, highly rated Vassily Shevrenko, Joey Arroyo, and Jorge Hernandez. Since the losses, Garcia has gained some recognition by winning two amateur titles. He is currently the North Atlantic 132 pound champion, as well as the Long Island 132 pound champion. Angel's amateur career has been very successful for him thus far and he hopes that within the next year or two he will take his skills to the professional level.

One thing is for sure, the kid loves to dazzle the crowd with his loud and flashy outfits. And why not? They match his flashy fighting style as well. A slick southpaw with terrific hand and foot speed, Angel is an exciting boxer who looks to embarrass his opponents and goes for the KO as well.  As Angel continues his amateur career, he is also thinking about when the time will be here when his dreams of becoming a superstar in the professional ranks come true.

For someone who works as hard as he does, hopefully one day his dreams will become a reality. Until then Angel will continue to do his so he can get himself ready for the big show.

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