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Justice for the Slicksters?
By Tom Gray (March 21, 2004) 
Winky Wright
The sweet science is always unpredictable, but I wonder how many boxing fans would have believed that Cory Spinks and Winky Wright would become undisputed kings in their divisions.

With the quality residing in these weight classes including De La Hoya, Mosley, Forrest, Vargas, Judah and Tito now on the return, it is fascinating that two of the most avoided fighters in boxing, hold all the marbles. There is virtually no way to get a title without facing an imposing riddle between 147 and 154lbs. Not unless a governing body intervenes!

It is clear that Spinks and Wright were overlooked by their opponents, Ricardo Mayorga and Shane Mosley respectively, as both were lined up as stepping stones to more attractive bouts. This has become common place, but never can I recall two active champions being taken for granted in this way, especially since Spinks and Wright were proven commodities at world level.

To my mind Shane Mosley had not won a fight since he knocked out Adrian Stone in 2001 and setting up Winky Wright as a fall guy was ridiculous. At least Mayorga had an excuse, he’s too crazy to care who he shares a ring with and Spinks was not considered a threat to the man who ripped down Vernon Forrest. In the end both made severe miscalculations.

It is refreshing to see two fighters like Spinks and Wright make it to the top. Neither guy plays on their matinee idol looks or tendencies to speak ill of their opponent’s deceased parents, because it’s not in their make up. They are relaxed and personable individuals who could probably walk down the busiest streets in America without being asked for an autograph.

The future for Cory Spinks is his polar opposite, Zab Judah, who he faces in April. Judah uses his mouth as a third glove and if things don’t go his way, then hide the furniture. He’s a very good fighter though and Spinks will have his work cut out for him, but isn’t it a shame that Zab has to drag ghetto talk into the build up? Sure it’s funny sometimes and helps ticket sales, but one can only read the word “bitch” so many times, without getting bored.

As for Winky, well this will be interesting! There is no way that Don King should allow Trinidad to come back against such an elusive foe and he probably knows that. If Tito is ring rusty at all, then he stands to be embarrassed by Wright, who was needle sharp against Mosley. It also looks like Wright will have to commit himself to a mandatory defence or risk losing a belt, which shows you how much Winky is wanted, even by the powers that be.

Whatever happens, these guys are good for the sport. Let us hope that if both champions lose in the near future, nobody takes them for granted again. All the “big name” contenders out there should take note, as it is not a very good idea!
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