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Harrison Out to Impress
Mar 4, 2004: By Wayne Richardson

The Breahead Arena in Glasgow, Scotland will see action Saturday night when Scott Harrison (20-2-1 10 KO’s), Scotland’s first man to regain a title will make his first defense against Columbian unknown Walter Estrada (26-2 18 KO’s). The WBO Featherweight Champion was originally scheduled to face mandatory challenger William Abelyan until an undisclosed injury to Abelyan’s arm occurred during sparring forcing him to withdraw only nine days before fight night. While this did leave promoter Sky Sports scrambling to find a replacement on short notice they did manage to find Estrada, but not before being turned down by several others in the 126 lb division including undefeated Samuel Kebede who fought as recently as two weeks ago on the Calzaghe under card.

Harrison’s last fight was a November 2003 rematch with veteran Manuel Medina where he regained the WBO belt that Medina had won from him in a surprising upset just four months earlier. A quick fighter with average power who has wins over Wayne McCullough and Tracey Patterson, Harrison was hoping for an impressive win over Abelyan to help secure a match with number one ranked featherweight Manny Pacquiao, and while disappointed with the cancellation of the match decided not to let months of preparation go to waste. He chose instead to face a late replacement and was fortunate enough to find Estrada who like Abelyan, is also a southpaw and as a result, would not have to make much adjustment to his training. Harrison doesn’t feel the change in opponents will affect him and has said “I am looking forward to facing Estrada and I plan to put on show for the fans and retain my title.”

Walter Estrada is a virtual unknown who has fought only once outside of his native country of Columbia when he challenged for and won the minor WBA FEDEBOL title. He has boxed professionally for five years and posted 18 knockouts in 26 wins although it should be mentioned 8 of these came against challengers making their pro debut. In addition, seven knockouts were against boxers who have never won a fight and another by injury causing the fighter to retire. He has also never fought a twelve round match, compared to Harrison’s 13 matches at the championship limit, but to his credit he showed a lot of heart by agreeing to take this match on short notice and reportedly has never been down. If Estrada feels overmatched he clearly hasn’t shown in his bravado during the press conference announcing his intent to upset the huge favorite. His confidence in himself was evident when he stated, “I don’t think for a moment that I am going to lose. I don’t know much about Harrison, but I am not worried as I always think I will win and there’s no doubt I will.”

His assurance in himself comes from training habits that see him train year round and that he feels well prepared to see what he calls “the most important fight of my career” through to victory.

Scott Harrison may be nicknamed “The Real McCoy” but this match surely isn’t. It’s more of a rescue mission for the Saturday fight card. This fight on paper looks like a huge mismatch and in reality will play out the same way unless Estrada is able to rise to the challenge. He just doesn’t have the experience at championship level to be a threat to Harrison, who to his credit, did try and face a realistic challenge in Abelyan. This match should be a walk over for Harrison and a good show for the fans while he waits for a real challenge. The fight can be seen in the U.K on Sky sports network and heard via internet at, check the website for times and remember they are five hours ahead of us based on the Eastern Time Zone.

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