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Wright's Time to Shine
March 13, 2004 By Orlando Rios, JR.
Tonight will mark the biggest fight in the career of IBF Junior Middleweight t Champion, Ronald “Winky” Wright, as he takes on the WBC and WBA Junior Middleweight Champion, Sugar Shane Mosley for the right to be called the Undisputed Junior Middleweight Champion of the World. The winner will be in the driver’s seat for bigger and better things, as Mosley is already lined up to take on Felix Trinidad, while rumors circulate of a Fernando Vargas-Winky Wright rematch if Wright can pull out a win.

The bout features slick tactical boxer-puncher Winky Wright and hard hitting Shane Mosley. Mosley, who hasn’t really impressed too many fans at 154, will need to break through the high defensively skilled Wright and break him down little by little.
For only the second time in three fights as a junior middleweight, Mosley will perhaps face his biggest test in the tactical boxer-puncher southpaw from St. Petersburg, FL.

Although rarely mentioned in the same breath as one the top middleweight fighters today, Wright will get his shot to become a mainstay in the boxing world. Wright, who went the distance with Fernando Vargas back in 1999, will face the biggest test of his career in Mosley who himself is coming of one of the most controversial bouts in recent memory, when he defeated Oscar De La Hoya back in September.

Mosley like Wright has never truly gotten the full recognition that he deserves, and there is probably good reason why. Although Mosley can claim to be the only man in boxing to defeat the Golden boy not once, but 3 times, (once as an amateur), his last victory did not go without controversy, and today, debate still rages on as to who really won that fight. As for Winky Wright, his only real claim to fame was that he took Fernando Vargas to the distance back in 1999, and lost a close decision, in which most fans believed at worst he deserved a draw. And as the saying goes, “you have to seize the bull by the horns”, so Winky Wright has to seize his moment and run with it.

Another close and perhaps controversial loss, and Wright is back at step one towards recognition. But a victory over Mosley and Wright will finally get what he has so long yearned for, to be considered one of the best pound for pound fighters in the world.


I believe that Winky Wright’s tactical southpaw boxer-puncher style will frustrate Shane Mosley much in the same manner that Oscar De La Hoya back in September. The only difference here is that Oscar fought not to lose, while Wright will fight to win. And there is a big difference in that. Despite your thoughts on DLH/Mosley II, this much is true, it goes down in the books as a Mosley win and that’s final. Also of interest is that
De La Hoya, being the great champion that he is, simply could not close out the fight, something which burned Winky Wright in his bout with Vargas. Which begs the question, will Wright be able to close out the championship rounds, or will Mosley, as he did Vs De La Hoya, take them by storm?

I see this being a highly tactical bout with both fighters giving in at some point in the fight. Wright will slug and frustrate Mosley, and Mosley will be ever willing to slug and will land his share of power punches. But when it comes down to it, I think Wright will be too tactical and to slick for Mosley, and will frustrate him.

Orly’s pick: Wright by decision

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