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Government Provided Universal Summit
Poor Propaganda? Or is it Even Poorer Treatment Behind A Bigger Agenda?

Submitted by George Diaz Smith, (July 21, 2004) 
Boxing should get their fit and proper benefits regarding the sport. It’s not like we’ve arrived here yesterday when what I might have to say might’ve shocked you. As all of you may know by now that an Ali Act came in the forms a few years ago in signatures signed from everyone with opened arms whose been able to hold a pen. After all, we’re talking about someone special here, a great athlete of his time, and sports hero. Someone having to express something for the state of boxing, a valued treasured entrustment with his own interpretations as to be this form of rules was going. Main issues like pension plans, retirement benefits, and not to mention… contracts; which can get rather sticky, all had an air of free-agency flairs to them. An almost familiar ringing sound to it… just like any red-blooded American sports’ enthusiast ought to be covered. I reckoned so.

Something’s in life aren’t well rooted, for the lack of a better way of putting it.

I know this is all going to sound somewhat perturbing to some scribed assigned journalists out there getting some of their symposiums up in an uproar, but I so happen to hold in my hands the constructional amendment advocated in voices. May no venom by any other name put this right under to trample.

Ladies and gentlemen, please do not concern and continue to asphyxiate yourselves wearing your Oxford shirts anymore, any longer choking on the governments’ own belch of vermouth. It won’t come cheap.

Amendment 1

Stating: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercises thereof…. or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

In my English this means the representation of an established following, gatherings, having no violation as to protest… without ill respect as to lawful assembly, or thereof by any other name.

Esthetically even holding boxing sessions followed faithfully by some of those same assemblies gathered of folks beholding it sacredly as if they would coddle a child, or hold it for dear life as if it were their own religion; that speech itself in its purest form shall not be stifled, sad-suited, twisted, or withholding, or to be edited in any forms sound biting to prevent contents from entering inside of your constitutional ears.

For words forthcoming out of mouths…. listening for all its intent and purposes, reasonably, fortunately for good causable reasons, and for the plausible affects to whatever purposeful meaning staying free to choose; and to be forthcoming for changes. And they say music sooths the savage beast? Truth first needs to be slipped into the inner ear inside uniformed eardrums.

Surely some of these things should sound even more convincing coming from a person like Senator John McCain finding more twists and finer touches interpreted onto a Muhammad Ali Act framework in legislation itself.

Much to McCain’s credit, he had “The Greatest” in his corner, a real loved peace ambassador of good will, and gentleman. A man who stood up against the Vietnam War, making no never mind as to how this very government perceived of it; because Ali transcended beyond anything else…all of those things. It was a far cry from purchasing War Bonds supporting Joe Louis.

The Ali Legislation
Before getting into some of the specifics, as well as stimulating your boxing consciousness to the brink, let’s get a little real here.

Boxing Pensions
Many theories have clashed in the past as to how they’re actually going to do it consistently. This one actually may work. Monies going out of pockets carried into a safety net. Good idea and concept. Except that if they’d left the governing entities do it, it wouldn’t had bogged down translating into any taxes, or in other words… like getting no expansions for un-refundable charges. Governmental dollars that is. Or as uncle Jed would say on The Beverly Hillbillies, “Texas Tea.”

Bargaining And Blah Blah Blah

Bargaining chips between amateurs and pros can only mix for when the OIC Olympic committee themselves see no apparent differences from BALCO to the NBA draft solicitations for high school kids.

Contractual strained detrainments may curtail into an overbearing fight from managers to promoters with horrific consequences. Since no governing sanctioning body has no say on the scheme of things regarding taking any benefits from the dismal fiasco, they’d only need to drop a ninth or tenth rated fighter to move another one up the assembly line to take its place. This does nothing but to twiddle thumbs in the process of getting your prospect rated, saying nothing for the progressive squeaky wheel gaining access to that motionless notion. How this all figures into the worldly evaluation rating any fighter is news to me, because you couldn’t horde any more conch fritters on a boat tour... even if you played on a luxury cruise ship headed for the Bahamas with a steel band playing Calypso.

Boxing public should click


Note the proxy used to misplace and call them as one, stumbling across the totality as a whole…. And not a distinct separate independent entity for what it is. Not only not knowing the differences in them all collectively gathered; but also disclosed in their abruptness holds a rather unsettling notion… that if you just so happen to have fallen into the minority of boxing commissions… you don’t count. A typically unethical answer to the rest of the world, yet having covered the loaded bases beforehand to the overruled census of votes gaining some home cooked privileged democratic conventional wisdom along the way… from down home in the learning processes of minority accountable and unacceptable voters. Some of us called George Bush’s election a bit fraudulent too.

State boxing commissions and sanctioning bodies aren’t the problem.
They can damn well agree to disagree. Its when the state of Nevada got its own guidelines and conflict of interests opposed to the other ones Washington, DC has in mind that they won’t hedge their bets on. Tell it on the mountain inside of the casinos sponsored reservations what the titles mean to them, and see the waters divide like Moses parted the Red Sea.

Subjugation was never more visibly viable since reading the 1823 Monroe doctrine on one hand… then paying homage to free and somehow rid you of it on the other hand reading Pedro Neruda. Hard work gets you to Spain, not lying underneath Juan Tamad’s coconut-tree waiting for the coconut to drop down on its own volition. From the Florida Keys to Spaniard Jacksonville, Florida soldier survivors of great grand ancestors bones buried in beneath residents backyards, Spanish sir names never faltered, or lacked thereof telling recovery rates settling there.

Sanctioning bodies have been here. The best deal to the legislation that I saw was for the fighter in this sense. He has an obligatory right to challenge and debate as to why he thinks his rankings were lowered, or dropped completely out of the top ten. These lead to an impetuous situation alone for an explanation by the sanctioning body that has written prior a week beforehand forwarding in the letter forewarning as to why they expelled you. Calamity Jane can get a rise. In other words, things like unbecoming behavior, diseases, drug abuse, steroid usages that is pretty rampant these days; like prohibition was… plus many other overlooked reasons that can surface rather gingerly on their ledgers to ban fighters from World Championship fights as it stands. That’s the shame of it.

In a prosperous country like we have we should be looking up to people making a difference; like the Brazilian soccer players hosting a benefit game in Columbia with free admission for everyone for turning over a gun per-spectator promoting peace. We get the brunt end of others annunciations gesturing on just how screwed up we really are.

Contractual refried resigning, and bonus plan? Boxing was never wronged more in a big sense. Sticking to promoters is like creating another outlet for overseeing a larger problem, which certainly isn’t about getting the matches fans, had been accustomed and entitled to see.

These guys aren’t the enemy. Belittling them for ticket sales and the flat fees faulting their ability to produce is not the way to go. That gives off a total misconception to the nature of the business, especially with what he’s got to negotiate with. They’re looking to make boxers a free-agency acquired novelty in its consequence. These poor guys are in the middle securing their worth to qualify. Are you still saying USA boxing commissions couldn’t step up over viewing procedures fast enough over the State commissions? No, not yet anyway. But who’s to say whether DC won’t or will find angles leveraged in on that tomorrow?

I don’t know if you’re getting the message. Agents and amateurs have about the same co-dependence in agendas… as the politician has itching to get the political vote pitching in on this thing for boxing. Some of you screamed for it,

clamored, and passionately held tightly onto your bosoms swearing and abiding in a Federal Boxing Czar regulatory contention that would cease and desist the current manner of boxing. John McCain had help. You couldn’t change a sports channel fast enough hearing the same day in and day out complaints for federalizations leading to privatization… that you couldn’t get the tin foil out of your freezer-burned trout locked in freezer to cook your fish thoroughly for. Cellophane is profanely bad to ingest. No acronyms, and absolutely no afterthoughts as to zeroing in on amateur potential superstars; to using a smorgasbord of flexible politically played asylums to proclaiming the next best thing, a medallist. Medalled champions traditionally naturalized fresh off the presses after defection.

This may have the same end result of the ‘40’s and ‘50’s during the bootleg era, when Gorgeous George strutted across the ring; and opportunity ran ramped for corruption in the boxing game. Does this Universal Summit change what once was?

President-General Ulysses Simpson Grant and scriber Mark Twain both hadn’t been expectant of America’s middle class mainstream to go so unnoticed in this populace and time going as secondary second classed citizens like it is today. That started through the second Ronald Regan administration when middle classes began getting heavily taxed. The dreams then were far fewer on striking it corrosively rich… with the only chief element left to choice was to levee the hammer of the working middle class system down.

Nobody today, like it was yesterday… is in denial of the fact that the two classes left in a co-existence to feed out there are the rich and poor, but the middle class has always footed the bill with their sweat and paid the price. When push comes to shove… it’s an invaluable lesson in home economics, the economy, technology, the saturation and proliferation of an information age, unmediated gossip; and keeping your Sunday’s earlier edition of the newspaper around to train your dog more thoroughly. An epiphany of sorts if you so happen own one.

Well, we’ll probe some of these things in the wonderful world of Boxing versus the static guard free Political arena in our next segment. You’ll be surely justly edified.

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