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Government Provided Universal Summit
Poor Propaganda? Or is it Even Poorer Treatment Behind A Bigger Agenda?

Part II by George Diaz Smith, (July 30, 2004) Part 1 
There is no better campaign then to be in one. Surely no better time than in this upcoming election. For me growing up in adolescence “26 De Julio” symbolized two coarser things not strayed too afar from adversarial same Western Hemisphere continents between Cuba and the United States. But did you know that it also symbolized an obscure notion for a father’s love embarked on sending his two kids out on a rowboat to an ocean with just enough gas; to run smack dab into the magical Miami coast, just so his children could have a decent chance for an adoption agency? Painted on the small rowboat’s sides was “26 De Julio,” which is commonly known as a Cuban liberation for an attempt to end a 1953 Fulgencio Batista’s regime, a July 26th day throughout Cuba, and understood by all westerners alike.

What they didn’t count on finding were two New York City native Puerto Rican boys in the boat instead… not to mention the press eating up these children’s stories as being brave for leaving their beloved father in adverse poverty and hunger in the liaison coming upon with a stroke of luck at the sight of the U.S. coastal guards spotting them. This story wouldn’t seem so far fetched today if it hadn’t been for someone telling you the scores of countless migrating thousands whom daily come to our shores everywhere in need. However, that story about the two boys I’ve just told you of was made in 1969 into a feature length movie film, starring Alan Arkin in “Popi,” thanks in large part to the cooperation of the late mayor of New York, Mayor John Vliet Lindsay.

Americans Do Embrace Opportunity And Pastimes

Some of us still even manage to peal green vegetables… as much as pealing off layers to interpret fragmented dreams too. We do the attainable fix adamantly whenever something breaks down. That suits our nature post 911. From the 1919 Black Sox scandal, day they deliberately tossed the World Series game of baseball for gambling against the Cincinnati Reds; through today’s hottest topic laid upon through bounced back ingenious chemists radar screens for obtaining frantic grandiose grandeurs in grandstanding ovations… chemically enhancing and entertaining ourselves to the idea on what life gave us in XYZ chromosomes, just might be worth experimenting with. Nothing quite does get more artificial than in the very contents inside of our milk these days gets then sports. Even if I have to order it in powdery substances from afar as a Pan Atlantic to later add water, or purchase it buying pasteurized bottles of milk from Europe. Just think about how many more gallons of gas does your SUV dare eat?

Vote Unanimously Anonymous

A voting more secures brighter futures in the electrical style vote then the paper trail and dreaded punch cards. Yet somehow unbeknownst to me I still don’t understand why the Jeb Bush apologies were in order for discrepancies about “some felons” not voting in an election? Who really knows or wants to even go

into that story really? Paper old-fashioned voting regiment requires the yanking down of a lever inside private booths in states electronic voting isn’t available today. And if you really wanted to get technical on that rhetorical question on voting itself at all… could you imagine the provided system not accepting wheelchair bound and bed ridden folks who have a legitimate gripe not being there; to preventing other voters filtering in and holding legitimate stubs on their grandparents social security dockets keeping them at bay from voting too? You’d have a Godforsaken riot on your hands, if not acts of violated adherent civil rights being trampled, wouldn’t you say? Who’s to really say? It’s all written there in black and white.

At best a civil disobedience order against that voter violator might hold unsettled discourse, but to think about that same-busted taillight so many others driving by without the slightest much as a hitch going for a routine stop, do they even get noticed to get retracted? Not like a recount is going to make a difference or anything.

Sweatier Brows Don’t Sweat Me

Competition for real labor depends totally on the constructional standing foundation for setting limited numbers to work here being abroad for most immigrants. What business is it of the anti-trust, labor, or presidential boards

to even dictate assimilations in more or less more redundant uncertain terms firing fever pitches for foreigners legally here to adhere to with a shovel and pick in hand, picking ripe oranges or grapes off of the vine, or working in a hot and overcrowded hotel? Keeping in step they’ll take on their stronger presence known in labor boards not only here, but also for outsourcing purposes across the globe so you could even gain total reality accesses for acquiring more to getting nightmares! They’re not sweating you.

Opportunity couldn’t thrive any better at any better bargaining chip rate anywhere. You see when they found workers were willing to work not for the same exact wages; coffee got brewed at eight.

Things are so dry bringing competition these days that they’re actually outsourcing to find actual assimilators abroad, because most of us refuse to assimilate. My thing is, be what you are, but never convince us that behavior modifications are needed to desensitize culture. A political Buchanan’s travesty ploy to that tastier morsel itself smells just as fowl in many languages, if not bring about the stench to underscore every American food chain working successful Hispanic in America. We don’t need, read, or feed into smear campaigns that tell us, “You are what you eat,” because we know what you like, to eat, do we?

Think about the use of a World Bank inadvertently opening doors for other creditor banks to sprout for reasons of failures to its workers, living condition, accommodation, and surroundings?

Ideas not so far-fetched when you’ve taken a look at prohibition in this country, certainly a small fragmented portion about our own pieces of history no one necessarily are too proud of. A Temptation’s song “Ball of Confusion” describes it best served as an unlimited form of prophecy, even for these days. Grueling.


Aside from namely two, the rich and the poor, classifications of these types have never been problems for Latinos. At one time nearly every middle-classed citizen or legally arrived visitor here could sacrifice enough to be able to place their kids to college. Affordable housing, and bills passed by congress during the LBJ times for calming the assembly of protesters gathered momentum.

After some thought passing through that LBJ administration some of us have to ask what Eartha Kitt had terribly said to Johnson to have her skip to France for nine years in exile-like fashion, but I’ll regress. What I do know is that Eartha wasn’t for any welfare supporting systems to be in place for reasons of being co-dependent on. But of course that official Vietnam late 1950’s-1975 war had taken an affect on this country, regardless on how you viewed it.

Toss The Book Back On Pride And Over Confidence

I suppose we can all be guilty of that; some having a harder time to come to grips and terms with it more so than others. However pride is a sharper sword to not ingest with a devil may care attitude. Life, as well as biblical passages does signal out pride in association with failure… and not success. We always hear pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall… as in (Proverbs 16:18). Pride after all does have after all a superiority of complexes. Lucifer became demoted for it, man absolving all of his belief, time, and energy, to barrenly leave God off the hook so to speak; in his self-made amount of successes, leaving the logical question behind that there is something omni-presently greater beyond even thee.

One shouldn’t have to terribly be religious at all to barter on some of these very same questions ourselves. Being overly prideful is overabundances of toleration to a creator. Certainly even any Big Bang theory aficionado can take notice that all of these things hadn’t just happened out of a lark, or some stranger stroke of luck, an occurrence from nothing. My own aunt Pep, who is a staunch atheist, believes that.

It is as to why I am so happy to be among the company of such humble
fighters like Felix Trinidad, Arturo Gatti, and Jose Rivera. They’re truly lions with a great deal of humility going for boxing. There are others.

Back to the Universal Summit

I’ve said it once, and I’ll reiterate on it again. Congress should not have gotten into playing the role of the boxing czar mentality dictating regulatory rules that have already been in place from day one; giving off a feeling of policing ones own. What kind of messages does that send to the whole world in totalities essence?

It strikes me rather incredibly odd to think that they ought to be doing better things with their time; like who really does have weapons of mass destruction, the way too disproportionate numbers in prisons, a vast portion for being dope addicts without any fairer amount of representation falling under a casual users clause, unlimited security, defusing gung-ho extremists, and getting John Kerry elected.

I dread to even think reading a legislation of this sort on what it would do to John L. Sullivan at his gravesite. As an American I do not entirely support it. We will be divided on these issues for ages to come. While everyone else looks ahead to resolve their daily resolves and problems, even as we sleep, out-of-joint congressional types and corporate interest rise like a leper needs literacy, and not the cure.

In the state of New Hampshire’s last Presidential election an outlandish 2-1 margin went for Ralph Nader… just so they hadn’t have to vote for Bush tells me a lot. Which is another way of saying that you can mask yourself moonlighting as a Republican by night... and still vote Independent at the morning polls. An idea back then to take the steam away from the Al Gore vote. It is not at all an uncommon sight to side with your archrival to defuse
the lesser of two evils.

Slinging Dong

Shooting the breeze out my partially opened window of my car driving on a rainy balmy day while talking on the cell phone, damn near caused the wind chimes of the drift of my edified conversation to derive dong flying across my windshield landing. It doesn’t really matter what prototype of the species, or even what brand, just that feces sticks to the window. Getting pissed over something like that, really works.

More On The Legislation

Reading this legislation reminds me a lot about this actually. We can thank Rockefeller, Pete Wilson, and the perpetual habitual green parties free-minded agendas for a devil may care attitude for the erosion. We’re not the problem.

We aren’t even in one monolithic group to be a problem. In this millennium militarily charged Bush administration we’ve embellished perceived authoritative totalitarian authority. Certainly a superpower. But like Greece, Spain, Russia, Italy, and Germany beforehand, all have existed in their precise places and times during World dominations. We are not living in those times.

Mentioning that I may not support something I might have to abide in is not rhetorical. It’s nothing as controversial then when the dictator’s protection schemes with lesser than ten percent of privatizations for Third World countries; making it through barrowed exchanges through the WORLD BANKS banking investments for cheaper services, servicing electricity failed workers.

Health care systems gone a rye, not exactly knowing how best to support the needy. Regulatory processes and frameworks have got to have accountability in place to promote its access if a system is going to make it. Watch plain water go through the political gyroscope for a profit soon. What’s wrong with just people politicizing and empowering themselves for a change? Hands on across media coverage needs to cover the struggle, protests, the necessary boycotts, and resistors. It is the only weapon not to get a handful of the corporatists to be selling you on their own agendas. A stronger message can be said to privatize the freer system for greedy corporate people. What’s more, once they’re through with you for campaigning on their behalf… they’ll discard rendering you to the sidelines. There is only a way to reach that summit for profit gain, its called “CAPITAL.” The days of divide and conquer are over.

Door Knocking Three Piece Suit Wearing Representatives

This all has a familiar carnival atmosphere taken from a page out of some 1980 census bureau for the where a bouts of some deliberate unregistered antidisestablishmentarianism types not wanting to be subscribed or accounted for… which I genuinely do respect as an act of privacy. However an absolute worst representative (for my taste) for any co-conspicuous cohort to present themselves on my doorstep thinking to prevail; are the ones dressed in three pieces looking exactly as you or I look. Ever see them adjusting their ties, looking at their wristwatches, memorizing thousand dollar words at an alarming totally unlearning unambiguous rate, manufactured; lighting up their faces like a Christmas tree… as if some script read was like auditioning for some kind of television movie? You know who they are. I deliberately speak in the Spanish tongue to them. It is not rude. Not when in your curriculum it was a second language to earn credits it shouldn’t be a problem. Which is more often than not the exception. Anyway, you couldn’t capture the Kodak moment any better for me then having to see them stand there at first in a flash of exhilaration surging through on their expressions, standing there, first clueless, motionless, flustered, and then shocked! Oh they may not speak the language frenetically (no small favors), but they do somehow almost always instinctively know that it’s Spanish.

Because they’ll certainly come around to saying that they’ve had a teacher, friend, a mentor, just somebody. Even an in-law, aunt, or an uncle somewhere along those lines too. I just pat them on the back and say, “Don’t let it get to you; I’ve got exactly the book for you to read on how to rid yourself of that

American accented Spanish you’re pronouncing slightly.” Usually I slip them a small handbook on Spanish-English translations learned with enunciations complete for speech terms made easy in paperback. Incidentally, the last guy who was a participant to my handed book was a Latino.

Education is just as relevant. It is the one thing that I found was the most common denominator binding.

In our very next installment covering this story on Part 3, we’ll cover some more revisions on the Ali legislation, probe in what the pat on the back for promoters can mean; a ratings system that will absolutely warrant for you to want to pull strands off of your head, and a nifty poetical genius trapped between his own world; jackknifing outside of himself for leaving a chance for promoting changes. See you then next month.

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