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Government Provided Universal Summit
Poor Propaganda? Or is it Even Poorer Treatment Behind A Bigger Agenda?

Part III by George Diaz Smith, (July 30, 2004) Part 1 Part 2 
Remember the amateur days when Howard Davis, Jr. had the blazing speeds to make the best boxer destined to be a great professional? Or how about Leo Randolph’s potential? Michael and “Neon Leon” Spinks brothers, and Sugar Ray Leonard. Montreal’s 1976 Team-USA Olympics brought along their style of NBA franchise to the amateurs to unquestionably mark a milestone. That was 28 years ago. An American Dream based on perforating the airwaves for the chance to see how our boxers on how they can succeed. It wasn’t about having contracts in hand to sign them as soon as they were awarded the medals. It was about the moment to shine on stage, with each nation upholding sworn rules for integrity.

Judges scored each three round fight closer to near perfection then. Let’s just say there is a lot more confusion going today in judging fights… even comparing that with the state of the art electronically. One thing we all can agree on, the 1988 Olympics of Seoul did an about-face on the 1976 Olympics. We learned on what political ramifications could be all about following in on that one. Losing meant more in cultural differences more so then we imagined. After all, nobody really distributed for face value the handbook sprinkled down in the spirits of good will into a book… or a bottled it to convert instant decency across the world as if it were a purposeful missionary spoonful of bad medicine going down.

Rating Systems By Which Standards?

When our two most treasured major sanctioning abiding television networks air a fighter more than a few times; and a leading publication has that very same individual listed at a number five for years without moving him up or down… something is getting rotten spoiling the tomatoes. By the same token, eating corn flakes inducing them to get soggier reading short sports columns typically printed in exaggerations deciding whether or not to keep Shane Mosley comfortable at a number two or three spot hitting the letterhead isn’t my idea of a good rating. Not after two thoroughly taken Vernon “The Viper” Forrest defeats, by which then you’d have to surely wonder what are the ratings systems aren’t pulling.

We’re being far too disingenuous and nice in just saying we’re really not taking it so seriously anymore. Well I don’t exactly know if saying you’re clowning around on what it really means, or how to take it. I’ll tell you what I do know; some of these publications are stroking egos and will sell corporate brand flakes instead of the local store brands…. Therefore lesser World Championships to go around going out the window of opportunity for many aspiring entrants for us to see compete. Unification matches will be far and fewer to come by. Who’s really laying out the politics?

Stroke and then proceed to gross, your pockets stay non-refundable. Money.

During Ray Leonard’s era they made it a point to view Ray more times on network TV on a high level of consistency that’s unheard of today. Starting with “The Bull” Vega fight in his first debut, led into a much-anticipated mega-fight on SHOWTIME broadcast for unification for welterweight titles. But look at the fights television brought before. Television could not get enough of Ray. Sponsorships bought into the bright and nifty idea. September 1981 Leonard-Hearns 1 grossed 41 million at Caesars. It stood at a steady eighth place in the ‘80’s. Believe it or not Leonard-Duran 3 grossed more at The Mirage, eight years later. An estimated 65 million for that one chilly night on December 7th, 1989…, which turned out to be a relative disappointment. By the way, that one was placed third best All-Time gross for that time. Ask just how many times you’ve bought into PPV fights coming out even more disappointed?

Stranger Street People Aren’t Anywhere Nears Than At Home

I decided to walk to the grocery store. I wasn’t driving on an early Wednesday sunny afternoon, and neither had I expected to buy more things once I got there. I made sure the cashier girl gave me those brown paper bags to balance the walk.

Anyway returning home… which are about four avenues touching going both ways like catching a cross down bus on Bergen Street crossing over onto Columbia Street on that hep waterfront near that symbolic symbol of the building The Watchtower in Brooklyn, I saw these two young men. One of them was White, the other African American. I figured two kids, just like I was years ago, you know. Then I noticed things like, the black kid had a really neat looking B’klyn throw down on, and the other kid wore designer glasses. As we crossed paths I read their minds… kind of like look he’s carrying heavy bags, stuff like that.... so I slowed the pace down, balancing and walking upright approaching I said onto them… “These ain’t heavy; they’re my brothers… food!” We had a laugh, but I was dead serious. When I asked the one with the Brooklyn shirt on if he came from my area from which I grew up in, he replied that he wasn’t. I then said them that they looked somewhat like writers, if they’d ever have written things down then forgot them for misplacing scarps of paper to begin with or something. Brooklyn Tee replied, “No. I’m an entrepreneur myself.” I said, “Oh you guys are in the blotter age. Keep up the nice work.” What I really was saying to myself was, here is this kid looking for work, but not just any type. Where does someone who is a jack-of-all-trades and master of none go? A newsier entrepreneur whose adept to hearing things scaling that tree of learning, kicking doors, making noises, or saying I did it my own way. Where does he go? I looked into his eyes and saw the oyster inside of his world telling me it wasn’t confined to an island, a sun, in the cosmos or a lunar eclipse; but ran ragged with recklessness and youthful abandonment inside accompanied in all sorts of twisted and wretched turnstile looking mazes to turn… therefore having the guile and nerve to escape out of its madness. Eyes of our tomorrows in rebelliousness I could relate to.

Somehow I get the feeling that there are more entrepreneurs going to feed an entire regimen army… if someone would only listen to what some of these kids are really saying. What could they loose to vote except for the non-participation freeing from systems past that bucked or betrayed some of their elders? It’s some of the same dogma to keep you immobile.

President Herbert Hoover himself feel short on promises to its populous… so be it woe whomsoever is he who cannot deliver. Brighter and wittier men have make mistakes. Take the plunge. Sink or swim. I came here with nothing to loose when I had nothing. Bill Cosby wears shades not to resemble P. Diddy Combs, but to rather deliver us from the harsher realities of life about the aging process. Eyes do need to be restituted to recover more often than not with the prescription sunglasses on, especially for senior readers and On Line enthusiast alike. Check that out. Me, I still can’t figure out as to why they reported that marijuana smoking cut cataracts and glaucoma out… when senior citizens with the condition spent years acquiring the sense only to be told much later on that it wasn’t so proven? Cheech Marin hadn’t exactly acquired cataracts as far as I know of.

Boxing Bargaining Chips And All That Jazz

Bring out the hotdogs, bread rolls, and French-fries delight, we’re about to embark on the municipalities’ drum rolls… to oversee regulatory rules already placed since the 5th Dimension came into the early dawn of the hit “Aquarius.” No sunshine. I heard Richard Nixon making things perfectly clear, but this is getting a bit ridiculous. What regulator do you know who can go to England of Yore to really enforce a thing regarding own commissions? They’ll just turn their noses up at you so fast to tell you that you’ve got an understudied oversight problem between States and Commissions, not them, bully for you. We’ll be lucky to escape unscathed by the Marquis Queensberry slap. How does one propose boxing municipalities in places like Bolivia, Korea, Athens, Turkey, or Brazil, to name a few? A political kind of unit as in cities and towns people used to incorporate self-governing. Self-promotions of these kinds can lead for the sole purpose to derail systems in place, such as the Pan Pacific-European-Latin American counsels… and the boxing Unions throughout, simply by implementing substituted insured measures as if some newer remissions could isolate proliferated corruption. This has greater potentials to becoming a policed self-district then to be selling agendas for foreign policies. Something politicians use to be quite persuasive in doing through foreign expansions.

What I want to know is how do we interpret the OIC World Olympic International Committee articles for a number of displeasures from cough medicines… as to steroid usages that is so flagrant; in MLB and NFL football? How do we deprive the world of this fascination to having this storybook-ending closure to be more like in a Disney movie? Bastions of hawks binding and flocking together, as if they were somebody veering over someone’s shoulder watching while you kiss your girlfriend.

Jeepers’ creepers who’s being staged?

Does a promoter need to be an incumbent go-between negotiating his own contractual agreements with whomever he sees fit as his right to deal from the deck of cards? And what dose that say for the varied diversified challenging State to State Athletic Unionized Commissions being subconsciously subjugated through these governmental influences underlined alone do supporting revised uncondensed constant forms of an Ali Act doing for the complexity?

They’re Asking For Free Agencies In Boxing

Freeing the market for prospects in boxing. To free a fighter who doesn’t particularly want to be is unfair. Does a prizefighter need to re-sign yearly
with the same contracted promoter to prove he gets with this? You couldn’t pry
them apart if you used a pair of pliers. What is the real coerciveness in pulling
a fighter back that wants to be with his promoter anyway?

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They’re saying viewers are watching at an All-Time high

All right, I’m a fairly decent guy. When they reported viewers giving props for every
television set from Wyoming to Kalamazoo watching Friday Night Fights, I just had to get my dig in. Listen… the only reason they do is to avoid C-SPAN. Everybody knows the real story ESPN2 is left behind on the clean and jerk competition with misrepresentations of viewer participation, is because after an ungodly late night hour all the good girls are having their boyfriends bring them back home; just so the boys can go to the bars to get plastered whilst beholding other ladies do their lap dances for them. I say if you really want to increase sales, go to those leather upolstery rooms in the back and show intervals of the ladies dancing, then pan back to the action. Every red-blooded American would then be really accounted for in some real participation between takes. Hey, Hugh had a “Playboy After Dark” series, so why not a reality lap dancers series too? Unlike that other television show called “Cheaters,” guys’ faces are libel to get blocked out if they sign wavers.

Morel Keeps Moving Along

Let’s face it. We’re livening proof that we live in the information age. Vast regions.
We’ve forgiven Mike Tyson for his transgressions in the past, as well as we can expect to forgive the LA Lakers for letting go of Phil Jackson. Action Jackson played formerly on the N.Y. Knick Knickerbockers team.

Eric by losing to Lorenzo Parra might’ve been a blessing in disguise. Being popular
in the wealth of many wasn’t quite suited for Morel. That is to say that he’s in no way shape or form to be compared to that arch Spanish speaking Dick Dastardly like villain turned genius Hector “Macho” Camacho… because Camacho was so upfront glitzy and brash about it.

Morel on the other hand was no reason for taking a walk-in prodigal son position
to an unwelcome lukewarm reception from home. He was caught between two worlds, and no fistfight in the world with your next of kin cousin up and down in the lime colored mountains fighting from dawn to dusk could settle it. He’s got the bug from what we catch to interpret, “NEW YORK’S Physics Aura To Life.” Oh he isn’t that native New Yorker in the conventional sense for the word of it…. but he’s damn near suffered from the stigma attached to the identical same label.

The Court Birthright levied On The Descendent?

Here’s my qualm for all that its worth. Morel with his birthright to be the acceptable
one in his own home league…. caddies off like the Miguel Pinero of boxing, whereas a more truer subscriber to that immortal genius should be catered more so for Wilfred “Radar” Benitez than he... a truer Bronx representative and native born son from the borough of New York City.

Benitez is embraced and revered as the bastion to boxing in Puerto Rico, in the USA, and New York. But when you come to think that Eric Morel’s perhaps lone transgression was to have been brought up here in the state of Madison, Wisconsin having left his home of San Juan; you most certainly get an almost uneasy feeling as to the logic behind the acceptability of it. That’s not to say Morel hasn’t supporters everywhere, it just makes us think he has an invisible asterisk somewhere that gives off some degree of remorseful neutralism there, or, possibly at best for a feeling of some real support going for him.

Its almost as if he’s been groomed to be the frontrunner into everybody’s hearts from the start…. but not necessarily to be their shinning star.

Studying these things over the years myself coming to think of it serves me to say
I cannot recall another Olympic Silver Medallist represented being from the U.S. sharing their Mainland’s common backgrounds alike… having gone through what Eric Morel had been going through professionally.

Not even the infamous Middleweight Silver Medallist representative for team USA Jose Torres, who became World Light-Heavyweight champion, to say the truth. So
I believe Eric Morel deserves to be held in such equal parity. Certainly without any stigmas attached.

Pinero Correlations

Poet Miguel Pinero was like an Orunmilla-like revolutionary of words to make things subject for changes, or the things that can be, changed. He just went about
it the wrong way getting into his bag out on the Mainland, like so many others did before who dared challenge authority to say the things that weren’t going exactly right. Perhaps Pinero said a mouthful.

Did Pinero suffer from self-annihilations more so then the lack of an identity?
And if so, what does that say to the island at large as a whole for its reflection
as to collective Nuyorricans as a whole? Did he not express his own problems carrying pain after it was proposed to him that he hadn’t one iota of the internal pressing issues concerning the mainland? And wasn’t that in itself as cold as a slap on the face? Everybody knew he was a junkie. But beyond that hadn’t Jesus taken his afflicted under wing and care to reform and cleanse those trespasses overlooked as men like in he? Machismo killed Pinero as anything else.

Do we as a society just dismiss a man for standing on his own two feet spewing what we’d fathered more selfishly wanton to be seen as in silencing, or calling them jargon-like mumble jumbo? Or do we use as hands on units an approach and an attempt to transcribe the lingo to decipher the messages behind what the prophets are really saying? Nobody was hearing Pinero’s voice as that of a god… however whatever we’ve learned from him was like the anointing baptisms in overdoses of self-defeating unrighteousness in beatings in its wake with quirks or phrases…. leaving trails behind onto its foresightedness afterthought for self-preservation and affirmation sakes. Children after all do child-like things… and to touch-like or capture Jesus in a single breath; is like sand kissing you on the foot by the old San Juan sandier beaches. Miguel’s ashes were spread by his request on the Lower East Side. But the urn should’ve been divided, revoked, confiscated, and shared there and abroad simply because he was your own son.

And though he hadn’t seen it, it would’ve been a far greater gesture to complete,
as well as making a monumental statue on that artist in San Juan for the public to understand exhibiting this feat on behalf of his artistry to commend literacy.

If a state like Florida can have a statue to commemorate a liar like Ponce De Leon actually was for his Fountain Of Youth scheme so unproven, like it was some sure remedy for aging; with other places holding a real-live idealist like Simon Bolivar’s house of dreaming dreams surrealistic, to Fidel Castro having a facsimile of Beetle John Lennon at his public display, then we can have Pinero as the pioneer to have bridged a real gap about reaching out to others as well. He represented himself.

Ernest Hemingway was a cheaper boozer that thrived on bullfights, and a recluse.

Custer invented the very scalping measures that he later accused the Indians performed on in retaliations.

Spain’s dynasties weren’t a coincidence with a handbook of subjugations either.

In over 900 years worth of stay parked after one 8th century invasion against Spain which therefore afterwards wealthy Moor’s predominance had levied up heaver tax burdens… accounted for more accounts of Spain’s riches in gold than silver. More bang for the buck. I know off hand of three whole passages in the reference of Spain mentioned in the bible itself. By the way, they kicked others out of there before, managing to give the boot to Moor’s last when they were done with them. Empires like these just may come once in a lifetime.

Spain used the valued lessons taught byproduct transporting cultivations of citrus you have in Florida oranges, the astronomists, mathematicians, and complex studies of numerical numbers and cultivation forms from its people.

A Rivera Story

President Woodrow Wilson instituted a 1917 federally approved Jones Act for all Puerto Ricans to enjoy citizenship in the U.S., but that fell on deaf ears for basketball ace woman star Maria Rivera. University of Miami star Rivera having gone to the 1983 Pan American games held huge successes. She was deemed as invalid by FIBA officials to participate on the US women’s Olympic team due to her participation of another team that she had represented herself from home.

So much for the Jones Act

The final insult was in a letter telling her that she should apply for citizenship when she in fact was already an American citizen! It’s hard to phantom isn’t it? But it did happen. In an ABA-US letter forwarded her stipulating an FIBA ridiculous ruling.

Maria Rivera went on with her stellar collegiate career with 2,358 points garnered, toppling the 2,298-benchmark set by Hall-of-Fame Rick Barry he made in 1965.

Thus Maria won the University of Miami’s All-Time top scorer in women’s and men’s basketball. Both the FIBA and the ABA-USA were the losers.

There are even more stories to go around in on this naked city

No more deaf dumb or blind to not notice what everybody else has, noticed. Or Clairol commercials, and the commercialism to make you yield though their whims like bringing you out of the woodwork to join profiting bigger, larger, beefier, and busier sectors of silver wear. Many more sheets of linen need to be made and tended to… relatively busy everyday processed assembly.

From farmers and sharecroppers out in Wichita, out in Kansas, to the simple operators earning a living for telephone companies across America. May the sunshine light… and that same light enable enough sunlight for us to feel.

We need to pray greatly for deceivers and righteous people alike. Some bury into other else’s alter egos indefinitely, but what happens when the plug is finally pulled and the switch goes off? An amazing perpetual syndrome arrives. Some discover they weren’t the best parents anymore, but in reality they’ve been far too busy in pleasing themselves in order to see it. Others perpetuate telling stories about their own misgivings and bad childhoods… as if someone is listening from beyond. For those of you who didn’t like the Pinero-Morel correlative passages as such, or thought it to be done in bad taste; tough. I had a story to write regardless of the timing, or outer situations. No preconceived notions of it. They’re only similarities driving to a larger problem.

Thousands of second or third generation Puerto Ricans aren’t as Spanish affluent enough particularly now; passing along sayings that the past becomes less and less relevant as time goes by, playing the beat of another drum. You’d want to ought to take a better stand for not thinking of it now; but we’d really benefit from a school system catering to Spanish in every level for a second language from here on out minus the politicking. Make prayers for the righteous to open their eyes to the real deceivers out there. We need to stop calling children independent for leaving their surroundings because some of you kicked them out, when they’re joined by the hip with homelessness. Some of you were fortunate enough yourselves when you got the boot to re-root yourself with some aunts, cousins, or friends, whenever they appeared for your own benefit. But we’re not having as many successes in housing some of your very own rejections these days. Fact is they’re not much any different than you or I. Some of you welcomed them back so long as it’s for some support they’re getting. Kids know the feeling yo. You can’t expect to be the captain of your ship when you haven’t hired hands. Some of you are walking on empty shells like being spiritually bankrupt or something. Just going through dull motions it seems.

Listen to your children. Listen to them like I heeded to my grandmother who spanned five whole generations living to 107-years of age. A medicine woman and a spiritual contactor, my ancestor, a daughter of Oya. Santeros have told me that I didn’t need to ask permission to pass through that gate. I never realized I needed permission before since my grandmother passed me along her gift. When I spot zombie-like, empty, and hurting like individuals, it’s up to me if I want to help. A gatekeeper knows when and how to make the moves should Oya be moved. If moved.

For a rap on this edition we’re going to probe on the good points that the legislation Ali Act has, how this applies to other countries abroad. We’ll ask more questions.
Enjoy the Summer Olympiads from Athens, Greece… and see you after the games.

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