Mundine stops Matumla, targets Green
By Submitted by Gavin Stone, (September 9, 2005)
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8th September 2005- Anthony Mundine moved to 24-3 after a dominate display against Tanzanian Rashid Matumla(30-8) scoring a sixth round TKO as predicted at Canberra's AIS Arena. Mundine finished the fight with a left hook-right hand combination that put Matumla tothe canvas. Matumla rose to his feet to beat the count but referee Charlie Lucas had seen enoughand stopped the fight to save Matumla from further damage.

A large crowd of approximately 5000 turned out to watch the first professional boxing promotion inCanberra for 12 years. Mundine warmed up in his dressing room to the sounds of his soon to be
released rap single (which after hearing is assured to be a success) and with members of TeamMundine hyping 'The Man' up with shouts of "common Choc".

Mundine spent the first round sizing up his opponent who he had not seen footage of before,although right from the outset it was clear that Mundine meant business and was in there to destroy. In the second round Mundine landed a blistering left uppercut that tested his African opponent's ability to take a punch. In round three Matumla started to bleed quite badly from the mouth, Mundine continued to connect with powerful and precise blows. By round four Mundine was in complete control and was displaying a new rooster hop move that was no doubt learnt from Roy Jones Jr. In round six Mundine finished Matumla off with a succession of punches that culminated in a left hook-right hand that put Matumla to the canvas and the fight was stopped 36 seconds into the round.

The crowd were not happy with the stoppage, but perhaps that was due to a lack of boxing knowledge as Mundine was clearly in control and the referee made the right decision to stop the fight.

After the fight everyones attenention immediately moved onto the proposed Januray 26 bout between Anthony Mundine and Danny Green. In the post fight interveiw Mundine had a little rap for his arch rival.

"Let me tell you something,
"Green ain't no Machine,
"He's going to get beat by Mundine,
"I'm the best,
"Forget the rest,
"I'll tell you now,
"It's going to be no contest."

Mundine's manager Khoder Nasser will meet with Green's manager Justin Manolikos in Perth next week to discuss the remaining details in what will be one of the biggest sporting events in Australian history.

During the post fight press conference, Mundine had one final word for the night to say about Danny Green.

"I don't know what you're all on about man, Green is a limited fighter, and I will take him to

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