Referee TKO's Nader Hamdan
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Nader Hamdan
September 05, 2004 - Rumors circulating on the net this evening surrounding Nader Hamdan's TKO defeat against Germanys Arthur Abraham have generated speculation that Naders performance in Germany was less then perfect. We here at would like to KEEP IT REAL and correct those rumors tonight with a response to the Uwe Betker's report (Abraham stops Hamdan) that was published early this morning on

We start our with an interview with AL Akkawy (Cutman for Team Hamdan), whilst he was on route back to Australia at the Heathrow airport in London via Cell phone

"The First seven rounds were ours, the German crowd were stunned. There was only very-very small moments were they got a bit excited when the guy threw some heavy punches, not taking anything away from the guy he can definitely hit hard. The First Seven Rounds were ours. Nader likes to fight close and keep hitting to the body and goes up top then back to the body. The Referee kept stepping in when ever Nader tried to do this. As a result Nader had to keep his distance, Abraham did land a few heavy punches but Nader just keep coming back after each combination.

The worst thing about it is in the last round with less then 1 min to go , I think there was 40 seconds to go, Nader copped a couple of punches but he was still moving you know? , dodging,-weaving & throwing punches back and the referee stopped the fight with no count, no nothing. Nader was in shock, he didn’t know what was going on, as everything was fine. We knew we had to win by knockout, but your only supposed to stop the fight when the fighter can not protect themselves, or when they look like their in danger, Nader was definitely protecting himself and he was in no danger, 12 rounds mate, 40 seconds to go, the way we see it is there was two international judges and one German judge so Nader was defiantly in a chance of winning the title if it went to the judges score cards.

Nader did us absolute proud mate, The Lionheart & that’s exactly why they call him The Lionheart he gave that guy so much trouble. The Crowd was stunned, they honestly thought this German was going to come out and KO Nader with in the first 4 or 5 rounds. This guy couldn’t even land punches in the first 5-6 rounds let alone Knock Nader Out, just wait till you watch the video mate. ( FULL FIGHT CLIP - EXCLUSIVE TO Coming Soon! - Highlights will also be posted at )

Nader also dropped about 8kg in the last week and a half before the fight which is bit unfortunate because I think that it hurt him in the later rounds. But never the less he was strong, he was still strong enough to fight on & had he been allowed to fight the way he wanted to fight, which is within the rules, without the referee breaking the contest every 2 seconds, he could have stayed in close & he could have done it.

We mention to AL reports of Nader getting Knocked down in the 11th Round of the bout

Abraham did land a very nice right hand on Nader in the 11th round however Nader took a knee and wasn’t knocked down, he took the 8 count after receiving a hard right that was followed up with a flurry of punches from Abraham. He was up within a split second of taking the knee, it wasn’t like Nader couldn’t handle his punches he just caught Nader with a very nice right hand.

Regardless of what anyone else is saying, he was still throwing punches that were hurting Abraham , sure the guy looked to be getting on top in the later rounds, but at the same time when you do so much work in the early round, with 40 seconds to go in the last round and the 3 knockdown rule, and without even a count, its beyond me, why not let it go to the cards?. We are all a bit upset here mate, this is Nader’s first defeat as a stoppage, with 40 seconds to go in the last round its ridiculous.

There was also a large amount of people who came up to nader and congratulated him on such an impressive fight & how tough he was, we also had Johnny Nelsons corner came up to us and say that Nader copped some good punches but he kept coming back each time and always looked like he was dangerous. Nader was looking dangerous up until the very last minute the referee stopped the fight. Team Hamdan is very proud of Nader's performance."

We then spoke with Nader Hamdan

"We had a good fight, we knew we couldn’t win unless we knocked him out. It was a good fight while it lasted. The main thing I’m disappointed about is that they shouldn’t have stopped the fight with 40 seconds to go , we were having a good fight man, it was an awesome fight , the crowd was right into it.

I won the first part of the fight pretty easily, the first 6 rounds , the next 5-6 rounds were up and down, they did not want to take the risk, they did not want to take the risk of going to the score cards, because they only had one German judge and two international judges scoring the fight. I was confident of going to the score card’s I really believe I was ahead.

They wouldn’t let me box, they took a point off me for rolling under punches, for rolling under punches like the amateur days, so he took a point off me for rolling under punches. And I kept getting warned every time I tried to come inside and try to maul him, and that’s part of my fight, my strategy is to maul him. They wouldn’t let me maul him, Every time I tried to get on the inside I got warned, I got pushed back, I got told not to do it and threaten with a lose of points.

I won the first 6 rounds but the next 5-6 rounds were very tough, good rounds for both of us , one up one down – one up one down. They could have went either way the next 5 – 6 rounds."

Re: The Alleged Knockdown: 11th round

"He caught me with a good right hand, I knew what was going on and he followed up the right hand with about 4-5 shots, and I knew they were looking for a reason to stop it, I looked at the referee and I knew was coming over to stop it so I took a knee, I wasn’t hurt at that stage, he was strong, he did hurt me a couple of times but I kept coming back each time."

Re: The 12th Round Stoppage

"No I wasn’t hurt I just got on with it, I got hit with a couple of good combination and then the referee stopped it, I said to the referee what’s going on mate it’s a boxing title fight!, why did you stop it ? They stopped it prematurely in the last 40 seconds because they didn’t want to go to the score card."

Re: Boxing Plans

"Yes I will continue boxing, not going back to middle weight again it hurt me too much & caught up in the later rounds I was too weak, I'm going to go to super middleweight. It is very hard to win in Germany but I would love to return again for another fight."

Re: Abraham

"His a strong boy, I wish him well."

NH: Talk to you soon Champ.
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