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Trinidad vs Mayorga, Official for October 2nd
By Ric Solivan, (April 25, 2004) 
Tito Trinidad
Mark your calendars, because “The Man” is B-A-C-K! That’s right, The chants of Tito, Tito, Tito will ring aloud again on October 2nd when he clashes with former world champion, Ricardo “El Matador” Mayorga in a 12 round middleweight bout, from a site to be determined. Trinidad has officially signed on, to what will reportedly will be a lucrative $10, 000,000 + pay day. The 31 year old, Trinidad who “retired” in july of 2002, looks to recapture the glory of days past and perhaps redeem himself against his arch-nemesis Bernard “The Executioner” Hopkins.

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For his part Mayorga, who took a “unexpected” tune up this past April 17th beating a game Eric Mitchell by way of a lackluster, 10th round decision “victory”, looks to send “Tito” into permanent retirement. Trinidad vs. Mayorga is a perfectly timed strategic coup, being that all the big players are active before and shortly after the bout. It can be said with certainty that we may see Trinidad vs. Wright or perhaps the rematches of a lifetime in Trinidad vs. Hopkins II... or perhaps Trinidad vs. De la Hoya II.

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