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"Don't do it Mike" An Open Letter to Mike Tyson
By Martin Wade (April 29, 2004) 
Tyson vs Golota
Dear Mike,

Not that I can see you scouring the internet looking for press on yourself, by now you probably take for granted that we all talk and write about you. But just is case you or anyone associated with your career reads this, consider the following advice free of charge. Stay away from Joe Mesi; you don’t need this kind of cloud hanging over your head.

I recently saw somewhere that you mentioned a possible bout with him by the end of this year and I cringed. Hopefully you’ve been paying attention to the recent controversy surrounding Joe’s medical condition. Play it safe (and humane) Mike, don’t even consider the differences between concussions and brain hemorrhages. What you should know is both conditions in conjunction with your still historic heavy hands are a recipe for disaster and lifelong guilt. To fight a guy already on medical suspension in Nevada would not only test the bounds of your infamy, but also finally push you over the edge. I’ve seen some of your interviews Mike, you strike me as sensitive and tormented by how you are viewed, so if you think you’re a pariah now you have no idea how worse it can get. If Team Mesi decide to continue on in search for the “big score” let them do it without you Mike. Besides, every time you step in the ring it’s a big score, remember you’re Mike Tyson. Consider the endless options that are void of the heightened possibility of permanent damage.

Don King: Word has it that you may be in discussions with King to settle your lawsuits and work together again. Larry Holmes said it best when he pointed out that you make more with Don cheating you than with any other promoter. I am sure you can attest to this firsthand, lawsuit and all, getting into DK’s heavyweight round robin is much more preferable than turning a good kid into a vegetable. Don is the Al Davis of Boxing; he’ll take his band of misfits, Renegades and has beens and “just win baby”. Mike, with Don you can pick up two belts (solidifying you as a Hall of Famer) and seek revenge against a shopworn Evander Holyfield. Mike, I know the kid
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represents an easier night and he’s a draw, but if something goes wrong it may also be your last fight. Don King put the prize in prizefighting and he can get you enough paydays (along with a sizable settlement) to get you out of the red. Some say going with King is like selling your soul to the devil, I say taking a fight with someone susceptible to brain injury is. Before I close this letter Mike I want to make this final point, you’re Mike Tyson!

You once stated you can sell more tickets using the john than Lennox Lewis in a real fight and Mike your right. Stick with that, you don’t have to involve yourself in this Joe Mesi tragedy to make money. Who, but you can be inactive for over a year and get called out by the guy most of us are touting as the top guy in the division? Vitali Klitschko wants a piece of you, he’s now the WBC heavyweight champ, would that paycheck help you out a bit Mike? I’m sure the big guy presents much more of a hard days work, but hey, this is boxing. Anything would be better than risking your emotional well-being by hurting Joe Mesi

Sincerely, Martin Wade
Doghouse Boxing.

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