Shane Mosley: "To be able to come back to win another world title, to be in that light again. It's a dream story"
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Shane Mosley: "To be able to come back to win another world title, to be in that light again. It's a dream story"
By Jenna J and & Michael Readman, ON THE ROPES BOXING RADIO, Doghouse Boxing (May 9, 2013)

OTR- Shane Mosley
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On May 18th, former 3 division world champion “Sugar” Shane Mosley makes his return to the ring against world title challenger Pablo Cesar Cano. Shane, now 41, retired after his last fight, a 12 round unanimous decision loss to Saul “Canelo” Alvarez. The bout saw the former champion have difficulty getting off with his shots and dealing with the size of his much younger foe. During the 189th edition of “On The Ropes” I had a chance to speak with Shane and discuss his upcoming challenge as well as get his thoughts on whether or not he can really turn back the clock for this final run of his career. I also talked with Shane about the change in his corner and what he expects to be different when he returns to the ring. Additionally I got Shane's view on the current boxing scene, talking about Manny Pacquiao's road back, Adrien Broner's troubles outside the ring and the future of his son, Shane Mosley Jr. Here is what Shane had to say.

Jenna J: Shane, you have an up coming fight against Pablo Cesar Cano on May the eighteenth. How do you feel about choosing this opponent?

Shane Mosley: Well, he fought Paulie Malignaggi and I was supposed to be lined up to fight Paulie Malignaggi and unfortunately he backed out and wanted to chose another fight, so we make the best thing that Golden Boy came up with, was Pablo Cano. Obviously I'm OK with whatever they came up with, it didn't matter, and here I am fighting Pablo Cano. 

Jenna: What weight will this fight take place at, Shane? 

Mosley:  The fight will take place at 147 (Welterweight).

Jenna: Shane, the last time I spoke to you, you were a little indecisive as to what your future was. You were in the gym you still felt good and you could come back. How did you ultimately make the choice that you wanted to fight again?

Mosley: I guess with still being in the gym working hard, training hard, looking good, I didn't see no reason why I couldn't come back and fight a couple more times.

Jenna: Shane, what are you looking to obtain at this point in your career. Your forty one years old, is it about winning a title again and retiring or fighting for the love of the game?

Mosley: Its fighting for the love of the game and winning a world title, you know all of the above. I want to win a world title at 147 to add to my other world titles, and just be out there. I think that the way I'm training now, the way I'm feeling and moving I feel I can bring a lot of excitement to the sport of boxing. When I go out to fight, its going to be very explosive and very entertaining. 

Jenna: Shane, you mentioned Paulie Malignaggi backed out of a fight with you, that was talked about and supposed to take place in April. What do you think happened with that particular fight. You were ready to fight him. Why do you think he didn't want to fight you?

Mosley: It was obvious that he didn't think that he was ready for me, and ready for that type of heat. I believe that maybe he thinks he can take on a smaller fighter coming up to welterweight, that is similar in ability and pick on somebody a little smaller. 

Jenna: You mentioned the smaller fighter, that would be Adrien Broner. People are kind of saying that Paulie Malignaggi is cashing out taking that particular fight. Do you see it that way?

Mosley: Yes and no. I see it going both ways. I see it as Paulie fearing that he has a chance with Broner because he's smaller, and that he can upset Broner and out-box him, so with Paulie being pretty much the counter puncher, he's a naturally bigger fighter, so that gives him a little bit of an advantage. But with Broner being young and fast, that might give Paulie more trouble than he thinks. It could be an interesting fight. Yeah, you could say its cashing out the belt but I don't think Broner will stay at 147, I think he has to come back down to 140 after he fights Paulie. I think Paulie is more of a 140 fighter himself, so, it should be an interesting fight.

Jenna: A lot of people have been talking about Broner, saying he's the future of the sport, that he's the next big star. With any start there comes the pitfalls. He's already had a few problems, a few legal issues the way he's conducted himself outside the ring. You never had that kind of problem Shane. What type of advice would you give to Adrien Broner, to keep him on the straight and narrow path?

Mosley: Well I think that he just needs to keep boxing first that's all. Problems sometimes get too big outside the ring. But if he has stuff going on outside the ring, any news is good news, he's keeping himself in the media in the public side. Mayweather had problems too, but look at him now, he's one of the greats and he's done well doing that. I think Broner should take a similar path to Mayweather. Broner is doing a  good job, he's fighting, he's a great young fighter. He could well be the next big star in boxing. I like Broner as a young fighter. 

Jenna: Speaking of young fighters, and young fighters that are coming up, there was one that fought recently, Canelo Alvarez took on Austin Trout and managed to pull of a close decision victory. Did you get to see that fight Shane? 

Mosley: I didn't see the whole fight but I seen rounds eight through to twelve. Canelo is a great fighter in the making. He fought a great fight, he's fast and I know Austin Trout is a tough fighter as well. For Canelo to be able to beat Trout in a close fight is remarkable because Austin Trout is a great champion as well. I take my hat off to both fighters, Canelo and Trout, great fight, great for the sport of boxing, it was a great event. Two great guys. I think Canelo is a superstar in the making.  

Jenna: Canelo is twenty two years old, and people are saying that he keeps on improving with every single fight. From the four rounds that you saw, did you see any improvement in him? 

Mosley: I seen improvement in him when I jumped in the ring with him. From the tapes to my fight it was a big improvement, a big jump. Every time he gets in the ring he's improving, he's getting better, he's getting sharp. He's the man! 

Jenna: Everyone's been talking about what's next in the sport, what's the next big fight.  People are saying that the next super fight would be between Canelo Alvarez and Floyd Mayweather Jnr. Due to the fact you fought both men, how would you see that fight going down?

Mosley: I would see it being a great fight. Canelo's getting stronger and better, and Floyd is Floyd and he's the best around. 

Jenna: Lets talk a little about your training in particular for the fight you have coming up. You've been working with your Father again. Hows that been going? 

Mosley: Its been going great. My Father seems like he's rejuvenated, it seems like he's getting younger. Were in the gym, hitting the bags doing the mitts and doing exercises. Me, my Father, my Son its a great sight. Its a great feeling to be amongst family. 

Jenna: Shane, you worked with Naazim Richardson for a long time and everybody knows that he's a great experienced trainer. Do you think that maybe this change at a time is invigorating you for this final run in your career?

Mosley: Naazim Richardson is a great trainer, he's a hall of fame trainer I believe, and one of the best out there. I just think that this change or switch back was more for legacy. Being with my Father with me and my Son in the corner, it's a great story. Me and my Father have been through it since I started when I was eight years old, all the way up until now. To be able to come back to win another world title, to be in that light again. It's a dream story, like a family affair, its a story that needs to be out there that needs to be written about. The things that we've been through, the struggles, the life struggles then to make it again as a welterweight champion, its historical.   

Jenna: Shane, with three generations of Mosley's, all in the corner. If you can win that world title, what will that mean to you?

Mosley: It would mean a great deal to me to win it again, that's why I've been working so hard for that, to get that title. This is the first step, beating Cano. My objective and my thinking is that fighting everyone in the welterweight division, it doesn't matter who is is, I don't care. To be the best again, to rise to the top of the mountain, that's my goal, that's what I'm training for. 

Jenna: When you retired Shane, what was the hardest thing for you about saying that you were retired from the sport? 

Mosley: In my mind I probably wasn't all the way retired. Even when I do hang the gloves up all the way,  I'm going to be that guy in the gym, or that young trainer. My son knows that I'm going to be on them and running with them and sparring with them and making sure things are in good shape. This is what I want to be, I want to be in the ring so I won't really know what its like to retire because I'm not going to be fighting in the ring physically as far as fighting in front of crowds in public. I will be in the ring, fighting with my son when its his time to take over. 

Jenna: Shane, how long do you think it will be before we see Shane Mosley Jr. in a  professional ring? 

Mosley: He could jump in now if he wanted to but its me that's  holding him back, until the Olympics. I think right now he could go pro. He has a more pro style than an amateur style. He's in the ring with a lot of pro's, sparring with them and doing very well. Top pro's, up and coming pro's, he's in there and he working good. Nobody is taking it easy on him, he's moving back and forth. He's in the ring with me pretty much every day, and I can feel the punches, the weight of the punches the speed and the improvements he's making every day. I'm looking forward to his career being a great one as well. 

Jenna: Shane, due to the fact they you are coming out of retirement, even though you weren't all the way retired, and that you're coming off the back of a defeat, I have to ask you about one particular fighter. Manny Pacquiao, he was knocked out in December, he's trying to come back. Do you think he can reach the pinnacle of the sport again like he once was having coming back from such a devastating loss?

Mosley: Yeah, I do, I think so, it was one shot, a mistake that he made and it got capitalized on. It seems to me that Marquez was working on that one particular shot, looking for the one mistake that Pacquiao made, and he caught him, he caught him right on the button. That just shows how rough the sport is, you have to have your mind, your spirit, your physical everything has to be ready when you enter the ring. You can't go and tax somebody else's hand so you can recover, you have to be there one hundred percent on that day. It could happen in any fight, that's why fighters say, he was the better man today or tonight or whatever because you may have been the better man on the night, but maybe the next night, you may not be the better man. That's been proven to be so because Pacquiao has beaten Marquez three times and Marquez was the better man that night. Anything can happen in the sport of boxing, you never know. 

Jenna: Speaking of anything that can happen in the sport. What is going to happen on May eighteenth when you return to the ring against Pablo Cesar Cano, what's your prediction? 

Mosley: My prediction for the fight is that people are going to really start taking me a lot more serious after this fight. Obviously I predict to win and win in spectacular fashion, and they are going to look at me and take me a little bit more serious. They are going top know that I'm here, and I'm here to stay. 

Jenna: Finally Shane, is there any message you want to pass to all your fans out there? 

Mosley: Yeah, you know, just as usual to watch and I will let my hands do the talking. My hard work, my dedication, all the things Ive been doing up here in Big Bear, training with my Father, you can prepare for a great fight, and prepare for my return, because I'm coming.

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