Brandon Rios: "Manny Pacquiao's one of the best out there, but it's my time to shine now. Out with the old, in with the new"
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Brandon Rios: "Manny Pacquiao's one of the best out there, but it's my time to shine now. Out with the old, in with the new"
By Jenna J, (transcribed by Michael Readman),ON THE ROPES BOXING RADIO, Doghouse Boxing (June 6, 2013)

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It is often said in boxing, that styles make fights. On November 23rd, boxing fans will get perfect example of this when Manny Pacquiao and Brandon Rios meet in the ring. Both fighters are known for their straight ahead styles and their willingness to take some punches to land a whole lot more. During the 191st edition of "On The Ropes" I had a chance to speak with Brandon “Bam Bam” Rios to discuss this highly anticipated bout.

Brandon talks about the opportunity he is getting with this fight, and why he believes he was given this chance when many believe this is a risky fight for Pacquiao. Rios also talks about what he has learned from his last defeat and what he can do differently when he returns to the ring. Additionally Brandon gives his view on Pacquiao as a fighter, how he expects to approach the fight and what thinks a win over Manny Pacquiao will do for his career. Here is what Brandon had to say in Part 1 of this 2 part interview.

Jenna J: How's everything going today Brandon? 

Brandon Rios: Everything’s going great, I've just been chilling, kicking back, that's it you know. I've been to the gym today just to help out Marcos Maidana spar for his upcoming fight against Josesito Lopez. Other than that I've just been chilling man, spending time with the family.

Jenna J: Well, you have every right to chill, you had a huge fight last time out against Mike Alvarado that was very close and competitive. Many people thought there would be good things to come for Brandon Rios coming up next, but a lot of people didn't expect for you to be getting Manny Pacquiao in the ring next in November. How do you feel about this opportunity? 

Brandon Rios: Well it’s great to get an opportunity that's big like that. I've been waiting for a long time since I've been in boxing I've been waiting and it’s my time now. I'm glad that Manny Pacquiao has given me the opportunity to face him. I'm ready and I’ll be well prepared and I'm ready to fight man. I've gotta make a statement in this one, I’ve
gotta go out with the win because it can only get better. 

Jenna J: I've gotta ask you Brandon, why do you think Top Rank are taking such a chance putting you in with Manny Pacquiao? He's coming off a huge knock-out defeat and a lot of people are wondering if he is ever going to be the same, and then they put him in with someone like you, who stays in someone's face all night long and tries to pound them into submission  Why do you think they chose this fight?

Brandon Rios: Honestly I don't know, maybe they see something that he could do better and maybe they think that they can win. I'm not really worried about that, I'm just worried about going out there and giving the best that I can give and get ready for this fight with Pacquiao. Like I said thanks to them for giving me this opportunity. He's a warrior and he's ready to fight.

Jenna J: Brandon, you said after the Mike Alvarado rematch that you can learn from the defeat, that you can improve from it. What do you think you can improve on?

Brandon Rios: Pretty much I wont be lifting so much weights no more, I did feel a little bit slower, my punching wasn't the same so I got to do a little more on defense because the first fight I came out with a little more defense, I learned defense and I cut the ring off more, but when I cut the ring, counter off and just get in and throw punches. There was a lot of things I learned so I’ll be in great shape and be ready.

Jenna J: When you look at Manny Pacquiao, what type of things offensively do you believe he can do in the ring which will actually give you some trouble?

Brandon Rios: Well, I really don't know right now yet because I've not been watching films of him yet, we’re still a long way out. When I start watching videos and everything then I can say what I can do better and what is better off for me. Right now I can’t tell you what we can do different and everything. I know that I can go in there, fight my fight and give it all I can, give like I do all the time and just be ready.

Jenna J: What are your thoughts on Manny Pacquiao as a fighter and what he's accomplished in his career?

Brandon Rios: Well, he's done such a tremendous job fighting and winning eight different world titles in eight different classes, come on man, who can do that? Manny
Pacquiao's one of the best out there and like I say I'm just glad that they gave me the opportunity because I'm young and I'm hungry and it's my time to shine now, it's my time. Out with the old, in with the new.

Jenna J: You said you haven't looked at film yet of Manny Pacquiao, but do you think you will change anything stylistically in your approach to fight this type of southpaw? 

Brandon Rios: Ill just fight the same way I fight, like I always fight, like I said, just certain things I've got to tighten up more and everything. I know he throws that right hand a lot so, you can’t just think like Marquez, cuz Marquez is one of a kind, he's a technician, he's a great counter puncher, so I'm just going to be out there and give what I've got to give and give the fans what they want and come out with my balls and start swinging.

Jenna J: When you look at this fight, you have said that it's a huge opportunity for yourself. What do you think a win over Manny Pacquiao does for you and do you think a win over him at this point isn't what it used to be because he's lost two straight fights? 

Brandon Rios: Oh no man, a win over him would put me on top of the world, it would get me out there with the big, big names and everything. I'm already out there I've just got to keep winning and keep winning is how I got there. I've made it up the ladder to face somebody like that so I'm happy. Manny Pacquiao's still a veteran, he knows what to do, it's not like he's old or new at this, he knows what to do, so like I said this is my time now.

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