Vinny Furlani: "I see guys from the past fighting to win, I see guys today fighting not to lose!"
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Vinny Furlani: "I see guys from the past fighting to win, I see guys today fighting not to lose!"
By Jenna J, ON THE ROPES BOXING RADIO, Doghouse Boxing (July 27, 2013)

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It is often said in boxing that a fighter with great technique can more often then not, defeat an opponent with superior ability. Vinny Furlani spent 11 years training and working under boxing great Floyd Patterson to learn what he sees as the best way to fight in this sport. I recently had a chance to speak with Vinny Furlani to discuss his 10 point boxing system that he believes many top fighters in boxing today could benefit from. 

Vinny gives his thoughts on fighters today, and how they compare to the fighters of the past, and discusses how some boxers like Sergio Martinez, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. can improve on their performances in the ring by implementing changes in their technique. 

Also in this interview Vinny talks about Manny Pacquiao's future going forward and what he feels is really the change in Manny's ring performances, and how he thinks Pacquiao can regain his level of success in the ring. Hear all this, and about his Art of Boxing Magazine in this special "On The Ropes" interview by clicking play in the black player (please allow 10-15 seconds for it to buffer)

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