Peter Fury: "An on form, one hundred percent Tyson Fury is virtually unbeatable!"
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Peter Fury: "An on form, one hundred percent Tyson Fury is virtually unbeatable!"
By Jenna J (transcribed by Michael Readman), ON THE ROPES BOXING RADIO, Doghouse Boxing (July 29, 2013)

Peter Fury (Right) and Tyson Fury
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Heavyweight contender Tyson Fury is set to face UK rival David Haye on September 28th in a highly anticipated event. Fury, now 25 has surprised boxing fans and critics by advancing to this level in his career, and much of his success is attributed to his uncle and trainer Peter Fury who now has his fighter only one fight way from the upper echelon of the division. During the 195th edition of "On The Ropes" I had a chance to speak with Peter Fury and get his views on the fight, and what he believes Tyson needs to do to come away with the victory. Peter also touched on the risk versus reward of this fight, his thoughts on what a loss could do to Tyson's career and much more! Here is Part 1 of my 2 part interview with Peter Fury.

Jenna J: Peter, a very big fight was announced recently and that is a fight between your nephew, Tyson Fury and David Haye on September 28th. How do you feel now that the fight is finally official? 

Peter Fury: Well, we know what we've gotta do, I'm glad everything got worked out, and it's a fight that everyone is looking forward to. It's gonna be a great night of boxing, we cant wait to get in there and get the job done. 

Jenna J: I actually have spoken to Tyson before, and he said to me “I have to beat Steve Cunningham and beat Kubrat Pulev and then I get a title shot. Why would I ever give David Haye a chance.” I have to ask you, why are you taking this risk against David Haye?  

Peter Fury: Well I believe that for Tyson to be a true heavyweight and be a good heavyweight, it’s time to take on the best out there. David Haye didn't want to take Tyson on a while back, he just wanted the Klitschko's or nothing. Things have changed since then and David Haye realizes that Tyson's the man to beat, so he's coming after Tyson. 

Everybody's up for this fight, and we realize it’s a very good fight for Tyson as well. David Haye is recognized in front of all the other heavyweights apart from the Klitschko's so that's one of the main reasons we’re taking the fight because it’s a very credible opponent, and it's going to prove a lot about Tyson Fury. 

Jenna J: Peter, what do you gauge the risk versus reward in this fight, how do you see it? How damaging would a loss be to Tyson Fury if he did lose against David Haye? 

Peter Fury: I think it's a case if Tyson loses, it won’t be because of his boxing ability, it will be because he's made a mistake. Tyson is going to be twenty five in August, he's a very young heavyweight, I don't think it's a case of Tyson losing or how he loses will do much damage to be honest, he's only just coming up to twenty five years of age, and you know if he does make a mistake and gets caught then so be it, you know. 

There's been many a great heavyweight in history, everyone's got to lose sometime. I'm of the opinion that he's not gonna be losing. It's an interesting fight, its a genuine fifty-fifty fight, there is serious risk there, but then again there's serious risk in every fight. When you’re up on these levels, no fight is an easy fight. 

Jenna J: Do you think that David Haye looks at Tyson's fight with Steve Cunningham, because Cunningham knocked Tyson down, that this is the main reason why Haye took this fight? 

Peter Fury: Yeah, I do. I absolutely think that because of the Steve Cunningham fight, for David Haye, this is the main reason he's taking this fight because he feels he can exploit all of those things that Tyson was doing wrong, and David Haye feels if he gets Tyson hurt, then he's gonna get him out of there. I do think it's because of the Cunningham fight that this fight has happened. 

Jenna J: Lets talk about the promotion for it. A lot of people were looking forward to that almost as much as the event, because we all know Tyson Fury certainly can talk, and while David seems a little bit subdued at the news conference, we know he can talk a pretty good game. How do you expect the promotion go from there?

Peter Fury: I expect the promotion to go very, very well, already there's a twenty two thousand sell out, tickets have already sold out within forty eight hours, it’s a big fight. It’s got the public's imagination, Great Britain has gone crazy about the fight and everybody's talking about it, I see it being a great promotion. It's certainly gonna do a lot for boxing. 

Jenna J: Peter, as the trainer of Tyson Fury, how do you go about beating David Haye? What do you see in David Haye as a fighter that you believe you could exploit? 

Peter Fury: I think David Haye is quite a complete boxer you know, he's explosive, he can box, he can move and he's a dangerous opponent. I think the way of beating David Haye is not looking for the weaknesses of David Haye, it’s perfecting Tyson Fury, because Tyson's got all the tools to be a heavyweight sensation. He's got the height, he's got the reach, he's got the flexibility, he can box and he can move, he's a very good  fighter and he holds power as well. 

It’s just a case of getting Tyson on the right track and honing the skills that Tyson's got. It's not a case of David Haye exploiting his weaknesses, it’s a case of improving Tyson. An on form, one hundred percent Tyson is virtually unbeatable, he is a very gifted heavyweight and he is improving with every fight. I see big things for Tyson in the future. 

Jenna J: Peter, would you say that Tyson Fury's best chance in this fight is to get it past the midway point because David Haye has had stamina problems in the past.

Peter Fury: We've got strategy's in place for David Haye just the same as they will have them in place for us. I'm an avid studier of the sport, I know boxing very, very well and I expect to see the best Tyson to date on the night, which he will need to be against David Haye. This is a task that is very achievable, I believe that he will do it. I think that Tyson Fury on the 28th of September is going to shock the world. 

Jenna J: You say that you think this is going to be a shock to the world, there are quite a few people giving Tyson Fury a very good shot in this fight. Why do you think the people who are counting him out, are counting him out? 

Peter Fury: Well we hear a lot of reports, like “You got put down by a cruiser weight, he's this he's that.” There's still quite a lot of negativity around Tyson, people are unsure which Tyson's turning up, but you’re looking at a kid who's fighting and getting past these fights. And when the time comes that he gets past David Haye it will be “Can you believe that? He's beat David Haye, David Haye must be finished.” At the end of the day they don't realize that Tyson Fury is an exceptional talent, he's a world class fighter, that's my opinion of it. Once he gets the win over David Haye, I think he will start getting the respect he deserves as a fighter.   
Jenna J: One thing I don't think people can question is Tyson Fury's stamina, he's always shown a very good wind. What do you think are his biggest strengths seeing as you are his trainer?

Peter Fury: Well we know he's got a terrific engine. No matter what David Haye brings, whatever pace he brings, Tyson will be there in the 12th round just as strong and he gets stronger as the rounds go on. That is very unusual for a heavyweight, but Tyson Fury gets into the fight the more it goes on, the longer it goes the better he goes, the more work he puts in and he seems to just get into the fight. Twelve rounds for Tyson Fury is no big deal, it used to be at one time in his career but it’s not any longer and Tyson is a fantastic athlete. If David Haye thinks that he's gonna wear Tyson down over a period of rounds then he can think again because that's not gonna happen. 

Stay tuned to and for part 2 of this interview with trainer Peter Fury.

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