Peter Fury: "This is Tyson Fury's world title fight and you will see the best Tyson on the night. Whatever happens on the 28th there will be no excuses!"
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Peter Fury: "This is Tyson Fury's world title fight and you will see the best Tyson on the night. Whatever happens on the 28th there will be no excuses!"
By Jenna J (transcribed by Michael Readman), ON THE ROPES BOXING RADIO, Doghouse Boxing (July 31, 2013)

Peter Fury (Left) and Tyson Fury
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Most trainers are lucky to come across one fighter that shows promise in the division that they fight in, but Peter Fury is not most trainers, and not only does he have his nephew Tyson Fury in title contention, he also has his 18 year son Hughie Fury who has the potential to go after one of the most famous boxing records, becoming the youngest heavyweight champion.

In part 2 of my interview with Peter Fury he discusses his son’s future at heavyweight and discusses the possibility of breaking Mike Tyson's record. Fury also touches on the fall of David Price and a potential David Price-Hughie Fury bout. Additionally Peter gives his official prediction for Haye-Fury and gives his views on Tyson's future if he can win the fight. Here is what Peter Fury had to say.

Jenna J: Peter moving away from Tyson Fury a second onto your son Hughie Fury. He's had seven fights, five KO's and he only debuted in March. What do you see for his future? 

Peter Fury: I see very big things for Hughie, he's a younger heavyweight, he's eighteen, he's already shocked the world in the amateur ranks because he went and won the world championships in his 45th fight. He's a throwback, he's an old school fighter. This kid, he's already campaigning with people. 

In his last fight he was fighting a guy who had forty fights, won fifty percent of them, he's got fifteen or sixteen knock out record, he's a good solid journeyman, he's a danger and he's durable. For Hughie to be fighting these at eighteen years old, other established fighters couldn't get the guy out of there who Hughie was fighting. You've got an eighteen year old kid who’s not bothered about being hit back, who's got in close, took it to the body and got him out of there in five rounds, so that gives you an idea of the level where Hughie's at. 

This is a kid who oozes confidence and who's not bothered about mixing it up, and just because he's a puncher, you've got a full set guy in there, two hundred and sixty or seventy pounds you know, six foot five, a big heavyweight who can punch, but it’s still not stopping an eighteen year old kid from getting in close and taking the chances and doing the business where seasoned professionals at European level have failed to do, it gives you an idea of the potential and how fast he's progressing as well. 

Jenna J: Peter, you guys have set lots of goals and you mentioned that you want to make Hughie the youngest heavyweight champion of all time, and you guys are already following the path like Mike Tyson by keeping him active and having him fight sometimes twice a month. How realistic do you think that goal is?

Peter Fury: I see that goal as very realistic. Hughie's out on the twenty first which is thiscoming Sunday which will be his two fights again in July, next week which will make him eight and zero. Basically he is on good track. In August there's no fights over here so it’s holidays everywhere. 

He's next out on the 14th of September and he's out again on the 28th of September on Tyson's under card which then puts him to ten and zero. On his 19th birthday he will be ten and zero, by the end of the year we will put him up to fourteen fights and by June next year this kid will have anything between twenty four and twenty six fights. This is amazing for just over a year.

Jenna J: One thing Peter I definitely want to ask you about as well was, on British boxing scenes, David Price has lost his last two fights against Tony Thompson, you guys were always critical of David Price. I was just curious as what you thought of his decline in those last two fights?  

Peter Fury: It's not a case of  being very critical, it's case of picking out the faults that other people are blind to see. They get over hyped they get behind all of these padded records of these heavyweights knocking people over. They’re getting excited, they are not real fighting people, you've got promoters who are shoving these heavyweights, they are getting them people who they can knock over. 

I can go and get my son a thirty and zero record and he's not even fought anyone. We’re fighting people, we’re in the game to fight like Tyson's fighting Haye. I want my family to be fighters and be proper world champions, not just in it for the money or to be carried by some promoter who's just being a little bit clever and conning the public, because these fighters are gonna get exposed.

How can a fighter be what he is when he's not even getting hit back and they are talking about world titles. David Price has been over hyped, very badly managed and his team have let him down. Has David Price got power? Yes he has, he's a big heavyweight, good amateur experience, but he needed the right fights, he needed to be brought on properly. Instead they've gone on the hype train, he's had other people influence him an he's come down with a crashing fall. This is what happens when you are fighting nobody, as soon as you step up to somebody who's gonna hit you back, you fall to pieces because this is what happens.   

Jenna J: Being the fact that everyone hyped up a potential fight between Tyson Fury and David Price that never happened. Would you at all see maybe Hughie Fury versus David Price? Because obviously Tyson wont have any interest in that fight now. 

Peter Fury: I think it's not really interesting Hughie, everybody says to me with my son “When's he gonna fight for a title?” Hughie's an old school fighter and I've got old school mentality and I'll tell you what we’re gonna do, Hughie's gonna reach twenty four or twenty five fights before June next year. Straight away Hughie's gonna go European and then world title. Within two or three fights this kid’s hitting the world scene. 

I'm not interested in the European title and I'm not interested in the British title, this kid’s going to be a world champion and any less wont do. A British title or a masters title, whatever that may be, we’re not interested. This kid’s gonna be stepped up, he'll be stepped up properly, he's gonna fight fighters and if he comes across the likes of David Price or whoever, he's not interested in titles he'll fight them in non title fights to gain the experience. Title to Hughie means one thing and that's a world title, if it’s a world title I'm interested, if it’s not, I'm not interested, that's where Hughie's going. This time next year we'll have a look at his progress and he'll have experience, he'll have had good fights then it’s a stepping stone from there, he's onto the world scene and he will challenge for a world title. 

Jenna J: Well, we’re all looking forward to that. Peter I've got just a couple more questions before I let you off the line. Being the fact that Tyson Fury versus David Price never happened, that it was hyped and they never got in the ring. Did you feel the need to make this happen with David Haye before something happens where this fight wouldn't go down?

Peter Fury: Everything has got circumstances surrounding it and you know, I take the fight which I think is best and we just go forward with that. The David Price fight was gonna be a mega fight, if he'd of got past Thompson and Tyson past Cunningham, which he did, that would have been the fight on the cards next. It would have been a multi million fight, great for public. 

It hasn't affected us in any way shape or form because as David Price has fell away, in come David Haye. To us it's made absolutely no difference because in actual fact we'd prefer to fight David Haye than Price because we see David Haye as a lot better fighter. It’s perfect for us because Tyson Fury is fighting the best, and he's fighting the best in the UK and that's David Haye, at this present time. 

Jenna J: The fight’s happening on September the 28th. How do you expect it to play out? Tyson Fury versus David Haye?

Peter Fury: Anything can happen in boxing. It's gonna be a good fight, an exciting fight and it’s a case of don't blink. Tyson wants to come out and take it to David Haye, but we'll see, it's gonna be a good fight, I've got my reviews on it and we’re gonna be training very hard for this fight. It's not going to be overlooked, this is Tyson's world title fight and you will see the best Tyson on the night. Whatever happens on the 28th there will be no excuses whatsoever.

Jenna J: Final question for you Peter. If Tyson gets the win and gets past David Haye who would you want to see him in the ring with?

Peter Fury: Well it’s a case again of I don't want him to be inactive, if the Klitschko brothers cannot be made and it becomes politics and it’s another six months before he gets in the ring, then that's not gonna happen. Tyson's gonna be busy until the main fights come along. After this fight, Tyson's going to tread water, he's gonna fight every couple of months and if the big fight happens then it happens, we'll take it. In the meantime he's gonna be kept busy. Our intention is after David Haye, he's gonna fight again by the years out.

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