Floyd Mayweather Sr. "Floyd ain't scared to fight no Pacquiao, but we ain't gonna worry now cause Pacquiao won't ever get in the picture"
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Floyd Mayweather Sr. "Floyd ain't scared to fight no Pacquiao, but we ain't gonna worry now cause Pacquiao won't ever get in the picture"
By Jenna J., ON THE ROPES BOXING RADIO - Doghouse Boxing (Sept 11, 2013)

Floyd Mayweather Sr. & Sugar Shane Mosley
Exclusive interview with Floyd Mayweather Sr. (& “Sugar” Shane Mosley) - "On The Ropes" Boxing Radio #198 - Click play on audio player below.

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The Mayweather-Canelo fight may only be a few days away, but when it comes to a certain fight that never happened, the always out spoken Floyd “Joy” Mayweather Sr. is not shy to share his views on it. In part 2 of my interview with Floyd Mayweather Sr, he gives his thoughts on recent comments by Freddie Roach regarding a potential Mayweather vs. Pacquiao bout. Floyd also gave his thoughts on why he believe Roach still wants to see that fight happen and what he thinks would happen if it did. Additionally Senior talked about Pacquiao's next fight against Brandon Rios, and how he thinks that fight will play out. Here is what Floyd Mayweather Sr. had to say

Jenna J: Now Floyd, the bookmakers actually have this fight with Canelo the closest of any fight that Floyd has had in a very long time. How do you see it?

Mayweather Sr: But guess what, they always have it that way close with Floyd or he could whoop Floyd. How many whooped Floyd? how many whooped him? Zero, none. So that ain't nothing but talk just like everybody else talks. When his lip gets chipped an as soon as his lip gets chipped guess what, somebody else is gonna talk. Somebody else gonna talk big too and they gonna get it an then what? It's the same old thing, it's OK but its the same old thing, it ain't nothing different.

Jenna J: Floyd, speaking on something that is different, I recently had the chance to speak with Freddie Roach and he kind of surprised me at the end of the interview. I asked him what would be the dream fight for any of his fighters, and he said "I still wanna see the fight the whole world wants to see, Mayweather vs. Pacquiao." I've gotta ask you, not your perspective on that fight but Roach's perspective. Do you think fans even want to see that fight any more?

Mayweather Sr: I'm gonna be honest with you, I haven't even heard Pacquiao's name come up in quite a while. I'm just telling you ain't nobody even talking about no Pacquiao and Floyd. Ain't nobody talking about Pacquiao. Freddie can forget about it now because he should have enough money to go and be able to sit down somewhere. He got enough money from stealing off everybody else and doing all that crooked stuff. He can go and sit down somewhere now.

Jenna J: Did the KO defeat to Marquez pretty much any chance of the fight being made?

Mayweather Sr. Pacquiao got knocked out and Floyd beat the guy who beat Pacquiao, and Floyd beat him like a baby, like he owned him. So what is he talking about? Freddie the joke coach Roach, that's a joke right there. Everything he says is a joke, I look at it as a joke, that's what he is he is, a joke. He knows damn well himself in his own mind that if he is true with himself he knows Pacquiao can't whoop Floyd, he knows that, he knows that, he ain't crazy, he knows.

Jenna J: Then why do you think he wants the fight Floyd?

Mayweather Sr: Because he wants to get some more money in his pocket, that's the only reason, ain't no other reason. He knows Pacquiao cant whoop Floyd. Floyd ain't scared to fight no Pacquiao, but we ain't gonna worry about that. Pacquiao wont ever get in the picture now, we ain't gotta worry about that, we got another set up done so we ain't gotta worry about no Pacquiao. He's the least of our worries, and right now ain't nobody thinking about Pacquiao, everybody knows it Floyd's show, everybody knows it Floyd's show now.

Pacquiao can go. Nobody is worried about no Pacquiao no more, Pacquiao's old news. He already knows what's gonna happen anyway, he can wish and hope, he can wish and hope if he think he can get his man to load up on that, you know what I mean. We ain't gonna worry about that like I'm telling you right now, we ain't gonna give Freddie Roach no big payday again. That's all he's been doing, getting paydays for illegal supplements, that's what I think and believe.

Jenna J: Floyd, speaking of Pacquiao, I know you're not thinking about him at all but he's got a fight with Brandon Rios. Do you think he can even win that type of fight after the type of knock out he suffered?

Mayweather Sr: That's what I'm trying to tell you anyway, what's he called that knocked him ice cold, hey I mean lets be for real, what is going on? Freddie Roach knows better, he knows Pacquiao cant whoop my son. And then this guy Rios, I don't even know this guy Rios, but the way it sounds to me a lot of people are saying that Pacquiao might have a chance and he might not, I don't really know Rios, who is Rios?

Jenna J: Brandon Rios is a former lightweight champion and a contender at 140 pounds. He's a strong come ahead guy, he takes quite a lot of punches but he lands quite a few himself. He's a pressure guy.

Mayweather Sr: Yeah, I heard that he can take a whole bunch of punches. That's a big deal then, Floyd don't take all that. I'm just telling you that Oscar is a nice guy, I like Oscar but hey, he's on the opposite side of the fence right now, and right now I'm gonna take care of my business stay on the case and run my place.

Jenna J: Floyd, let me ask you this quickly, one last thing on Pacquiao. When I spoke to you after his knock out loss, you said that Pacquiao should go and be the Filipino president and retire from boxing. Do you think he can come back from that type of knock out loss?

Mayweather Sr: I can see Rios probably beating him even though I ain't ever seen Rios but, I can see Rios beating him from the standpoint of keeping pressure on him, he might be hitting Rios but he probably won't knock Rios out, unless he's like the Pacquiao he was of old. If he ain't then guess what, we already know what's gonna happen, if he don't do that, oh my goodness.

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