Floyd Mayweather Sr: "I'm just gonna tell you that both Matthysse and Garcia can crack, but I think I'm gonna go with Matthysse to win"
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Floyd Mayweather Sr: "I'm just gonna tell you that both Matthysse and Garcia can crack, but I think I'm gonna go with Matthysse to win"
By Jenna J., ON THE ROPES BOXING RADIO - Doghouse Boxing (Sept 12, 2013)

Floyd Mayweather Sr. & Sugar Shane Mosley
Exclusive interview with Floyd Mayweather Sr. (& “Sugar” Shane Mosley) - "On The Ropes" Boxing Radio #198 - Click play on audio player below.

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The best fights are more often then not the ones that people are not talking about. With "The One" almost upon us, the fight the world should be talking about has become overshadowed by the big event. Danny Garcia vs. Lucas Matthysse is one of the best match ups that could be made in all of boxing but being on the undercard of the largest PPV of the year has not made this fight the most anticipated.

In part 3 of my interview with Floyd Mayweather Sr, I get his thoughts on the fight that could decide who his son faces next in the ring and I get his pick on who he sees coming away with the win. Senior also talks about rising boxing star Adrien Broner and whether or not he thinks there is anyone that can compete with his son. Finally Mayweather Sr. gives his official prediction for his sons fight against Canelo Alvarez. Here is what Floyd Mayweather Sr. had to say.

Jenna J: Floyd, I've just got a couple more questions before I let you off the line. On the under card of the fight between your son and Canelo, there's an interesting match between Danny Garcia and Lucas Matthysse. They are talking that the winner of that fight could be next for your son. What do you see in the Garcia/Matthysse fight and what do you see as the guy you want to face after?

Floyd Mayweather Sr: That's fine between either one of them, that's fine. They gonna get whooped too, trust me. As you can see since you've been doing this type of thing, you say what's gonna be happening. Matthysse is the one that knocked out from Washington, Lamont Peterson. So I think its gonna be a real, real interesting fight right there. I'm just gonna tell you that both of them can crack, and I think I'm gonna go with Matthysse.

Jenna J: You think that Lucas Matthysse can maybe knock out Danny Garcia?

Mayweather Sr: I think so. To me Garcia fighting with Zab Judah he didn't show me nothing, he didn't show me anything. It looked like Zab Judah was coming back and winning or making the fight kind of close, but you know it is what it is you know, he didn't do what he could of did because I think he could of beat Garcia. I think he could of beat him and that's one reason I think because the way that guy right there fought with that Peterson boy, I think he's gonna beat Garcia, that's what I think.

Jenna J: If Lucas Matthysse wins, they are gonna want to set up a fight between Matthysse and your son. Stylistically fans would enjoy seeing it, but do you think people would want to buy that as a PPV?

Mayweather Sr: If he knocks out the guy that knocked out Judah, then people know what's going on, people gonna talk about that particular fight. I ain't gonna say it will be a fight like this right here with Alvarez but I'm telling you that it's gonna be a big fight though.

One thing is it's Floyd's name that is gonna do something and it's against a guy that beat the Peterson boy so beating the Peterson boy and then beating Garcia, people are gonna want to see that fight. Believe me they gonna want to see that fight. I'm not saying that it's gonna be bigger than Canelo's but its gonna be a big fight.

Jenna J: Floyd, right now in boxing, and this is one of the big questions right now. Who out there can compete with your son or beat your son? While people say a Matthysse fight will be good they don't say he can beat Floyd while they say Canelo fight might be interesting they don't say he can beat him. Do you see anyone coming up, anyone out there that can possible challenge your son, an Adrien Broner, anybody. Do you see anyone out there?

Mayweather Sr: No, no. I don't see anybody, people ask me about Broner lately, but I tell them the truth what I think. From what I've seen Broner fight and the guys I've seen Broner fight and them guys that hit Broner, they cant really fight. Some guys are hitting Broner with good clear shots, they can not fight. I seen two of them do it so far and neither one of them, I know Floyd would knock out both them.

Both of them guys and I don't know their names, all I know is that all they will ever be known as is fighters without a name. I'm just telling you that Floyd is crafty and swift and slick and fast, hey that's pretty much the way it will be all the things I just spoke on, these are the things that Floyd will use against his opponent and take him apart.

Jenna J: Floyd, what is your official prediction between the September the 14th fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr, your son, and Saul "Canelo" Alvarez? How do you see it playing out from the opening bell to the finish?

Mayweather Sr: Well, I can't say that he will knock him out, but there is a good chance that he will. If he don't get knocked out, he is going to take a beating, trust me. The first time you get tired on Floyd, it is over, I can tell you that right now. I'm gonna tell Floyd to go get him and then everybody will talk about what they wanna talk about, they have been talking about this boy since he started. Every hater, all the haters hate winners. Floyd is a winner, that's what he is.

Jenna J: Floyd, one final question, and this is for you as a trainer. You've been in boxing for a long time, you've trained a lot of fighters, you've brought a lot of fighters to championships. In this final run with your son, do you think you can get that recognition finally. A lot of people know on the inside they know what great trainer you are, but get the official recognition?

Mayweather Sr: Look here now, I don't care none. I trained my son to be the fighter that he is today. Roger had his moments of training my son but Roger trained my son to roll his shoulders and catch punches and lean back, Roger didn't teach my son all the different things that he's doing. His daddy taught him. One thing that I'll tell you is that the apple don't fall far from the tree, that's all I've gotta say. So I think that right there will solve that one.

Jenna J: But do you finally think you will get that recognition as the great trainer you are?

Mayweather Sr: They don't wanna give it to me, I don't give a damn if they give it to me or not because I'm a very outspoken person, I speak my mind, I say what's on my mind and I tell it just like it is. So if they don't wanna give it to me because that's the way I am. I'm gonna be that way, this is me, this is Floyd, this is the way Floyd is, this is the way Floyd talks this is the way Floyd stands, this is me. I'm not gonna change me, I'm gonna be me. I'm not gonna change me for a damn trophy, that I wont do.

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