Floyd Mayweather Sr: "I think Pacquiao is the man to take a shot at Floyd, and if we check him from head to toe, we can go!"

Floyd Mayweather Sr: "I think Pacquiao is the man to take a shot at Floyd, and if we check him from head to toe, we can go!"
By Jenna J. (w/ Ruben) - ON THE ROPES BOXING RADIO for Doghouse Boxing (Oct 9, 2013)

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The single most talked about fight in boxing history to never happen has been Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Manny Pacquiao. The fight was close to being made early in 2010 when money was agreed on, but ultimately it fell apart over drug testing, and since that point the bout has been nothing but a fantasy match up of what would happen if the two were to ever meet in the ring. The dream of that fight was shattered when Manny Pacquiao was knocked out by long time rival Juan Manuel Marquez, and it looked like talk of the fight and it becoming a reality was over.

In Part 2 of my "On The Ropes" interview with Floyd “Joy” Mayweather Sr, he spoke on the match up, and it seems the fight that would never happen, might actually have a chance of being made. Besides discussing Pacquiao as an opponent for his son, he talked about the major sticking point for the bout, drug testing, and what he thinks it will take to get the fight signed. Additionally Mayweather gave his thoughts on the final run of his son’s career and when he thinks his son might finally see defeat in the ring. Here is what Floyd Mayweather Sr. had to say.

Jenna J: There is still a fight the boxing fans want to see, and now that there are no other big names out there, do you think a Mayweather-Pacquiao fight can happen?

Floyd Mayweather Sr:
You know what, I'm just telling you the truth, that fight could happen, that fight could happen if they get him on the straight and narrow, that fight can happen. That fight can happen much quicker then the Hopkins fight, and Martinez like you were talking about.

I believe that fight with Pacquiao can take place, Amir Khan can take place, for what we got left I think Pacquiao is the man to take a shot at Floyd, and as long as they make sure he do the right things, make sure he clean with everything, check him from head to toe, and if we check him from head to toe, we can go!

We bow down to nobody, and like I said, Pacquiao is a good one, he was not good before, but now being that things are so small, and we ain't got nobody now, hey look, I guess he is the last man standing, that's what it looks like to me. I think little Floyd can give Pacquiao a very good whooping, so right now with the way things are looking with him, I think all these guys need to get what's coming to them anyway, because you get a chance to see what time it is.

Jenna: Now Floyd, the one thing that has always stood in the way of Mayweather-Pacquiao fight was drug testing, does it have to be that same case again? Does Pacquiao have to take every test to make the fight with Floyd?

Mayweather Sr:
Oh yes, hell yes. He got to take every test! Anytime someone do stuff like that, he have to take every test. I'll make sure that Floyd make him take every test. We can come up with nothing wrong with him, every test, any and all of them he got to take. It should be that way, he ain't knocking my son out, and giving my son problems by hitting him, and him hitting you and you not going no where, nah he ain't going for that stuff. He's got to take every test there is.

Jenna: If that fight does happen, Pacquiao vs. Mayweather, do you think Floyd really has to knock him out, and do what Marquez did to him, to really have an impressive performance?

Mayweather Sr:
Floyd ain't got to do it. Floyd has beaten Marquez's ass already, whopped him easy. Marquez does not want to fight Floyd again, and Floyd will do the same thing to Pacquiao, it will be simple. Pacquiao and Marquez were going back and fourth when they were fighting each other. Marquez would have a moment here, and Pacquiao would have a moment here.

Floyd did not have a problem with Marquez, everything Floyd whopped him in, every round, and whooped him all the way, it was easy and he will definitely do Pacquiao the same way, if not easier, so that's why everybody would know. If anything looks strange, little Floyd getting buckled or this and that by Pacquiao, then somebody is going to have to answer to this. We would have to stop that fight right there to see what the hell is going on with Pacquiao, cause something won't be right, believe that.

Jenna: One question that boxing fans ask a lot is, when your son does lose, when he does meet defeat in the ring, do you think it would come from a fighter that surprises him and scores a KO or do you think it would come by a fighter that outworks him and beats him by decision?

Mayweather Sr:
Well that kind of thing can happen with little Floyd but one thing he does is keep his body in good, good shape and little Floyd is amazing though, he's an amazing man. I'm not just saying it because he's my son. The things that he does like getting up and go turn around and fight somebody like Canelo. I'm real proud of him but I have to call it like it is, he's the best, I must confess.

Jenna: You being his father and his trainer, do you think there could ever be a point where you see something in training and be like "Floyd, you're not quite doing things like you used to be doing, maybe it's time to hang em up." Do you can ever have that conversation with your son?

Mayweather Sr:
That conversation could come round. He might be at that age where things start happening but hey, I don't see any signs of anything like that right now. I don't think you see those signs either right now. Anybody can see things where something's happening but he still totally did what he wanted to do with Canelo. There ain't too many other people that gonna whoop Canelo right now.

Jenna: Alright, well your son is set to return to the ring in May, he's already announced that, who do you honestly believe he will be in the ring with next? Who do you think has the best chance to get that fight?

Mayweather Sr:
Well it's really kind of tight, I can't even call that one right now because all the top guys, he's beat them already so all the rest of this stuff is Kool-Aid, the rest of it is Kool-Aid. I don't know what's gonna happen here. It would have to be Garcia more than likely, Garcia or Pacquiao, its gotta be one of them guys. Even though he's got four more fights he's got to put together but it's gotta be one of those guys right now.

Who knows, even thought Marquez made that particularly bold statement that he won't fight Floyd again or this and that, but it might happen. Sometimes money makes people change their minds. He got Pacquiao out of there so he's another guy that could be in there too.

Jenna: Floyd I have one final question, this is for you just as a father. Your son is the best pound for pound fighter in the world, a lot of people say he's one of the best fighters to ever lace it up in the game. He's made more money than every fighter that has ever fought. He has done things that no one really expected him to do. How proud does that make you, that you made him the fighter that he is today?

Mayweather Sr:
I'm a very, very proud father and most definitely glad to be back in his corner and teaching him the things that he needs to know, cause as you've seen after the Cotto thing. We don't know what's gonna happen but if Cotto decides that he wants to come back and he happens to be one of the four guys, I guarantee you it will be Cotto getting hit with everything and not Floyd, I can promise you that because that happened when I was gone, I'm back now. But I'm a very proud father and I honor my son and cherish my son in whatever he do.

Jenna: Finally, any message you want to pass along to the boxing fans, Floyd?

Mayweather Sr:
Well they all know that Floyd is the best, I must confess, for all the rest, there's no contest. He will shock your mind, he's one of a kind, he's the greatest fighter of all time.

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