What If Bob Sapp Was a Robot?
Gentlemen we can Rebuild Bob Sapp! We have the Technology. We have the Capabilities to make the World's First Bionic Beast. Bob Sapp Should be that Beast. Better than he was Before.  Better, Stronger, Faster.
There once was a kid named Dicky who use to get beat up and urinated on by the
school bully each day after school. Tired of having their son Dicky beat up and coming home soaked, smelling like Urine each day... they Bought a Bob Sapp Robot like the one pictured above. Dicky's parents bought it and programmed it to protect Dicky from getting beat up and Pissed on. It worked. Each Day little Dicky and Big Robot Bob would walk to and from School and no longer would the Bully beat up or piss on Dicky. It all seemed like a Happy ending until one day after school, on his way home with Robot Bob, Dicky stopped and took a piss onto a little bush. That is when an enraged Bob the Robot raised his mechanical foot and Stomped on Dicky. Now Dicky is dead!