Weigh in Report and Photos - Miguel Cotto vs Antonio Margarito
Report by John Novoselac (July 25, 2008) Doghouse Boxing (All Photos © German Villasenor)
The crowd was as lively as expected today in the year's most heavily anticipated fight. Dueling chants, no doubt fueled by equal parts machismo and beer, rained down from the several thousand in attendace. It appeared to be fairly evenly split for fans of both fighters.

Tony approached the scale first, sporting his typical Affliction gear and affable smile. He weighed in right on the dot at 147.

Cotto came in next, eyes covered by reflective shades and showing no emotion at all. He stepped on the scale and hit a ready 147 pounds as well.

Cotto chose to rehydrate a bit before the fighters squared off in the usual face off. Neither got very close to the other, and both seemed to have great respect for his foe.

The fighters were asked to say a few words, yet I cannot tell you what they said. One, because they spoke in Spanish (I think), and two, the crowd was so loud and raucous that one couldn't hear a thing.

The eagerness continues to build.

Undercard weights

10 Rounds Super Bantamweight (catch weight 124 pounds)

Adam Carrera 124
Bernabe Concepcion 123.5

10 Rounds Super Lightweight (catch weight 142)

Cesar Bazan 141
Mike Alvarado 142

12 Rounds WBA Interim Light Flyweight Title

Cesar Canchilla 108
Giovani Segura 108

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All photos are from German Villasenor who was at the event for Doghouse Boxing. All photos © German Villasenor.

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