Boxing Results - Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley - Spoiler
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Boxing Results - Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley - Spoiler
By Johnny Benz on Doghouse Boxing (April 13, 2014)

Pacman/Desert Storm
Image by icheehuahua, Doghouse Boxing
Tonight's round by round coverage of Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley II is being conducted live by Doghouse Boxing's Johnny Benz. Hit refresh every few minutes (4 minutes) to get the latest updates, round by round, punch by punch and live results of Pacquiao vs. Bradley.

The fight is about to start in moments. Our round by round coverage will begin in moments. Hit refresh on this page soon.

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UPDATE: Manny Pacquiao is now making his walk to the ring. He looks relaxed, in his element. The crowd is erupting in cheers. Katy Perry "Gonna Hear Me Roar" is the music playing.

Pacquiao in the ring now, and he is on his knees in the corner, praying.

Tim Bradley comes out. The music is like, I don't know, some angry rap song is the best way to describe it. The crowd is pro Pacman and they booed Bradley.

Michael Buffer is now introducing the event and fighters.

Buffer tells the crowd: The fight is for the WBO welterweight championship of the world. The ref, Kenny Bayless. LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE says Buffer.

ROUND 1: Both fighters come out fast and hard. Pacman lands a nice right, Bradley answers with a shot to the body. Bradley throws and uppercut, blocked by Pacman. Both are fast, slight edge to Pacquiao. Crowd chants MANNY MANNY. Pacquiao throwing punches and moving nicely. Bradley a little more reserved, but fighting at a fast pace too. Tough round to call to be honest.

10-10 Round.

ROUND 2: Bradley comes out and hammers Pacman in the gut. Desert Storm is showing some fire and using his Jab and footwork looking for angles. Pacquiao fires off power and gets Bradley reeling back. It's a fight! Pacquiao lands hard to the top of Bradley's head (Bradley was crouching coming upwards). Pacquiao finding his timing and letting off some nice shots. Landed about 3 good punches One buckled Bradley's legs.

10-9 Pacquiao.

ROUND 3: Nice over Hand right by Pacquiao. Ref Bayless doing a good job. Doesn't separate much. Huge left hand by Pacman and Pac fires off combos. Bradle coming forward. Pac does a One-two and moves out of the way. Ducks a wild punch from Bradley. Bradley nails Pacman to the Body and Pacman does the same in return. Bradley skims Pac with an uppercut.

10-9 Pacquiao

ROUND 4: Bradley working his Jab. Pacman bouncing on his feet and working his magic (Old school Pacquiao!). Pacquiao gets hammered hard by Bradley. Snaps Pacquiao's head back. Pacquiao composes himself and fights back fearlessly. Overhand right for Bradley. Good round, I give it to Bradley.

10-9 Bradley.

Round 5: Pacman hits Bradley on the ropes, Bradley ducks very low and awkwardly, but avoids Pacman. Bradley seems to be getting his over-right hands coming dangerously close at times, but Pacman is still avoiding many of them. Pacquiao throws punches and moves out. Anyone's round so far with a minute left. Bradley show boats at the end by letting his arms down and dancing around.

10-9 Pacquiao

ROUND 6: Bradley throws a lot of punches in the opening minute, but Pacquiao is doing well avoiding them. Bradley also moves well. Both fighters look fresh and confident. Some flurries by Pacquiao, mostly skimming Bradley, or missing, but it looks good. Overhand right is a good punch for Bradley. IN the last 30 seconds, Pacman has Bradley on the ropes and lets off Flurries, Bradley avoids most, but it still looks aggressive by Pacman.

10-9 Pacquiao.

ROUND 7: It's back and forth action. Rounds are close. Pacquiao showing some fast hands and Bradley is avoiding well. 40 seconds left and Pacquiao works the hell out of Bradley on the ropes... For the next 20 seconds Pacman is hammering the hell out of Bradley. No question, Pacman wins this round.

10-9 Pacman

ROUND 8: Still anyone's game, I'm slightly favoring Pacman till this point, but Bradley is one tough MOFO. Credit to both warriors so far. Crowd chanting MANNY MANNY. Bradley throws a lot of wild and wining shots through out the fight. Pacquiao dancing and moving in to tag Bradley. Bradley looking tired and slightly sluggish. Pacman bouncing and looking fresher. Pac landed better shots in this round. Both need to turn up the game, but Bradley is behind.

Close round - 10-9 for Pacman .

ROUND 9: A the two minute mark, Bradley loses his balance. May have twisted his ankle? Pacquiao goes in for Hard kill, punching hard and landing some beasts punches. Bradley fighting back, lands a great overhand right, but Pacman still working his jab and landing some great punches. Pacquiao looked good in this round. It's not that Bradley didn't have his moments as well, but not enough to take the rounds.

10-9 Pacman

Round 10: Pacquiao lands some great punches and moves out of the way. Bradley winging overhand rights, and Pacman is moving well. Straight left lands hard o Bradley's jaw. Pacman pops Bradley again. It's close at times, but Pacquiao's style and aggressiveness is key and impressive.

10-9 Pacquiao.

ROUND 11: Winging overhand right lands on Pacquiao. Bradley being cautious and working his Jab as he moves backwards. Look, Bradley can't expect the judges to award him a victory. Still Bradley does more boxing this round and I give this round to him.

10-9 Bradley

ROUND 12: Both are fighting with urgency in this final round. Pacquiao lands two nice punches on Bradley on the ropes. Bradley wings some punches. Time called at 15 seconds left over a head clash. They check out Pacman. Fight back on after a few seconds and last 15 seconds Bradley rushes Pacquiao, but Pacman avoids it and lands a nice combo.

10-9 Pacman



By Unanimous D for MANNY PACQUIAO!!!!!!!!!!!

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